Thanks Chris, massively impressed with my diadens. Poor thing has hardly been off since it arrived.


Hi Chris ,

I cannot thank you enough for your professional and kind ways in allowing me to make up my mind to purchase the Diadens T machine.

As you remember I came off the escalators in November of last year sustaining severe fractures to my right shoulder. This resulted in me having extensive surgery I found you on the Internet and arrange to meet you in East Grinstead where you tried out the machine on me. I was very impressed with the treatment and went to head to purchase a machine. Unfortunately three days later I collapsed in the bathroom landed on my broken right arm with a metal plate in fracturing my arm below the plate. I was in absolute agony and was prescribed slow release morphine which I took twice a day as well as Oramorph which is also morphine for breakthrough pain.

I used the scenar  machine and 1 1/2 days later was off all medication as this skeletal machine had helped me so much. I still have pain intermittently and use the scanner machine which has managed to keep me away from drugs. 

I told my surgeon about the machine who was pleasantly surprised that I was able to come of the pain medication so quickly.

I have since used the machine on a friend with thumb pain which disappeared after 20 minutes of using the machine.
You also went out of your way to give me an Applicator  as I had to use the machine on my good arm and could not have managed without.

Love and light

Melanie x 


Chris thank you so much for all your diligence, caring and patience with helping me.  You are a lovely man and have made me trust your words of wisdom very easily.  Thank you for helping my son it means everything to me.

 Kindest  regards


Just a little feedback for you - it's mozzy season here. 

As we were talking, yesterday, a mozzy landed on the later in-law's leg & bit her - it reddened and itched within seconds and formed a lump !  Never tried this setting before but whacked it with the PCM 6 on allergy setting - after 5 min, no itching and al signs of bite disappeared !

So we tried it on the niece who is plagued by bites - we hit her massive and new bite with the PCM and the lump reduced and redness too by about 50% with zero itching ! And that, is a win !  All itchiness on all bites reduced to zero !

Had one myself, this morning, 5 mins and lump gone and no itchiness, just a slight redness !

And finally, the Sis in law had a huge lump on her forearm.  From a fall whilst running.  It's about 3inches squared and about half an inch off her skin (The arm was totally black 2 weeks ago).  The docs and nurse she saw at a walk in centre, said they don't know what the lump was but assumed it was blood.

It was numb on top and sensitive around the edges. It has been this raised for 2 weeks and not reduced.

After the mozzy bite success, we zapped her with the pain setting for 15 mins - it reduced pain at edges, with a few sharp pulses of pain.

We then hit it with 77hz all over for 10 minutes.  It visibly reduced in size and we left it.  Over night it halved.  Will hit it again later this afternoon .

I am having amazing success at home, in clinic, with the lady with the calcified Achilles tendon.   She's walking about 80% better and not having to 'rev her foot' before standing up now !  The Achilles has  become softer and late painful to touch.

I am sure you are NOT surprised but nevertheless, I thought I would take time out of holiday to put the feedback into black and white.

Thanks Chris,

Life Changing

I am diagnosed with COPD  after my love affair with tobacco for some years. I picked up a winter bug that hit me hard and got a course of antibiotics from my GP..After 3 days my condition worsened after taking each tab. 

I needed another biotic... fast.This took 2 days but after another period of no change I was in deep trouble.I had gone from walking 3 miles a day with my dog in the forest to doubling up for breath to the toilet and back.I could not breath without extreme effort .

12 days until after the third batch of antibiotics that I began to recover.The single most important action that kept my lungs open at all during the night was constant use of a Diadens device with the Applicator. - on my chest, back and hands while in bed and in no doubt that without this gizmo I would not have made it.

Yes I could have gone to hospital ( no thanks ) and the ambulance gave me oxygen twice after checking my vitals were normal , but I had a business to run and a dog (0k stupid I know) ....but thats not the point.

James 2017

I  bought the Diadens T a little over two weeks ago, so I have limited experience of using it so far, but I have to say that what I have discovered has already made me feel that I have a very priceless piece of technology in my possession!   My mother, a very independent lady who hardly ever touches drugs of any sort,  was due to have an operation to have a bunion removed from her foot, a procedure which is renowned for being painful in recovery  At age 84 I was worried that it might prove distressing for her, so I decided to purchase the device and see what it could do for her.  We gavemy mother three treatments in the days before her operation. In the evening after the operation I again used it on her legs for 10 minutes, before she went to bed even though the foot was still under local anaesthetic.The next morning she told me she was still not in any pain. She tells me that the Scenar device makes her leg feel warm, and she feels the warmth travel up the foot and any soreness disappears. The dressing accidentally came off after four days, and we were so amazed to see how well the operation site had healed, and how little swelling there was.   All of this has been accomplished with virtually no pain relieving drugs or anti-inflammatories, and we are all very excited by the outcome.  

I have also been using the device on my own foot which has had a painful Mortons Neuroma which has got steadily worse over 15 years.  I am finding that the pain has receded immensely and I hardly ever think about it when I am walking now.  I can really feel the difference so remarkably that I know it is due to the device.  They say that the older an injury the more time it takes to heal, but I can already feel such huge relief.  

Susan 2017


i recently bought a denas device from chris after recently suffering bad back i was in bad way couldnt walk straight .
 it has helped improve the pain managment and slowly but surely it is improving no pain just stiffness, i was introduced to scenar type devices by a friend who succesfuly treated my knee i was close to having an op but never had it ! he also treated my back succesfully.
on christmas day i took my denas ms to my mums who had been having problems with possible carpal tunnel within minutes she was relieved and she has since bought her own device
i have also been treating my elbow after a fracture a year and half ago i had an op to remove bone fragments and my movement was limited and still looked puffy this has reduced considerably and i have more movent and less achiness . i continue to use it for my elbow , my wife has also started using it at last ( she never trusted it ) i have also used it on my 13 year old daughter for sore throat this disappeared the next day , also a work colleguefrozen shoulder ten mins is all he needed
thanks for your speedy service and great communications regarding protocols and customer service

p.s i carry this everywhere now and will be buying some pads soon to make it easier to self heal all the best kevin redhill uk 



Hi Chris , currently treating my plantar fasciitis and another friends prostatis and it's defionitely heping both.Thank you.



All I can say is that every time I use the device I realise more and more it’s potential. I never expected such a transformation so quickly. I’m only on day 6 of use and I was able to sit in meditation today for 40 minutes without having to change posture due to excruciating pain from a herniated disc. I haven't taken a pain killer all week and I don’t forsee taking them again. My condition has radically improved and  I’m feeling peaceful and happy. It truly is a ‘miracle therapy device’ and it is so intuitive to use. 

Chris, thank you so much for making this product available to us. 
Dear Chris,
 Just to thank you. My knee problem has much improved with the use of the Miracle Machine.
 Have passed your contact info to my friend Lulu who will get in touch.
Best wishes and gratitude,

Hi Chris
Just wanted to say again how impressed I have been with your excellent
customer service. You were very good at responding to my detailed
queries when I first started with the device and then more recently
you have gone the 'extra mile' to minimise the inconvenience caused by
having to send the device back to the manufacturer 13 months later by
sending me a replacement to use in the meantime
 My husband and I have been very impressed with our Diadems. He is
very sporty and often suffers minor aches and sprains which are helped
a lot by the Diadems We both use it very successfully to ward off
colds and viruses and I use it to treat my allergies and
hypersensitivities. I found that it cured my long standing chronic
diarrhea after just a few sessions using it on the inflammation
setting and this in turn seems to help my hypersensitivities;

Many thanks
Best wishes


I have hypertension and for the last several years have had to take two drugs, Perindopril (an ACE inhibitor) and Lercanidipine (a calcium channel blocker) to control it. I started using the Diadens Cardio BP control device 3 weeks ago, using it twice a day, and after a week stopped the Lercanidipine. Now, my BP is well-controlled on just the Perindopril and the Diadens. I have been taking my home BP twice a day and will monitor it on the single antihypertensive drug treatment for the next few weeks. The use of the Diadens Cardio in courses of 15 days a month needs to be evaluated for its effectiveness in my case. However, I am impressed by its effectiveness so far and also its simplicity of use.



Dr Nigel Harrison, Consultant Physician and Cardiologist

Chris Stott,


Hello again. I have been exploring what my DiaDENS can do for me and I am experiencing some benefits. Muscular tension and aches have so far responded favourably to treatment in my shoulder and hamstrings.



My left ear Tinnitus has begun to respond to treatment of acupuncture points on my ear using 60 & 77 Hz cycles. I have noted ZephiLloyd's approach to Tinnitus on uTube. He used 59.3hz available on an old Scenar model. In general, it's early days and I'm experimenting at present mainly with the Therapy mode.

Stephen R 

Many thanks for the DiaDENS-PCM and DENS Optical accessory. I am getting well, and have been concentrating so far on use of the device for foot and ankle problems, including posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. There has been significant pain relief. I would like now to be able to treat specific points and also to target acupuncture points, hence the current order 

Paul A


Hi Chris,

Just a quick email to say Thanks for the speedy delivery of my machine. I received it yesterday morning and following the guidance you gave woke this morning after an excellent night sleep and had no aches or pains. First time that has happened for a long while!!


Many Thanks

Gary UK


The Diadens is amazing it really save me! From a badly herniated Thoracic disc.
Arthur T.

Hello Chris

I want to say thank you for your regular reassuring emails. I am very impressed with the importance you place on communicating with your clients. 
Yes, we have now taken delivery of the device ...and before ...1pm today.
Kind regards
Gillian UK
Hi Chris,
I have been using the Diadens PCM for a good few weeks now, the radiculopathy I was experiencing into my shoulder and down my arm and hand, and particularly the elbow is significantly improved, so much so that I have not felt this good this since the accident I had in March 2011. The soreness to touch is also going with time.  I am still treating every day and have not tested how long the "good" feelings last on their own without treating again. However, the fact that this actually works for pain where nothing else has in that area is fabulous and whilst I don't think I shall ever be able to go back to work on a computer for 10 hours a day, it has significantly improved my quality of life together with my mood and I actually did about 6 hours gardening yesterday and I could only manage about 20 minutes before without being significantly affected by pain.  I just felt like I had had a good work out in my neck and shoulder area yesterday, wow!!
I have not taken Amytryptiline for three days now, but having been on this drug for over three years for nerve pain, I am struggling to sleep a little as they are addictive, but I know it will improve with time. I also do not feel like my shoulder is broken on waking and the stiffness in my shoulder and elbow and also my neck first thing in the morning has also gone.
I am not able to treat the whole spine myself but can treat the top and bottom of it and just imagine what success I could have with a complete treatment down the whole spine!!
I recommended the device to a friend of mine who had 2 major, major knee ops and she  purchased one and has noticed immediate benefit. She is going to a rehab centre for two weeks and will be treating with diadens at the end of the day to speed her recovery!
I also used the device for stomach cramps which I suffer quite badly with each month and usually have to take two sets of tablets for. Needless to say, I didn't need the tablets!
What a fabulous device!
Thank you for convincing me to buy the Diadens machine.  You said that I would never send this device back for a refund.
You were right, I will not be sending it back.
Kind regards
Julie UK

I was very glad to have the DiadensT  last night.

Just as I plated up my dinner I yawned and my jaw locked. Couldn’t move it and it was agonising.  It has happened once or twice in the past when   massaging  and carefully manipulating it was partially effective but it took an hour to normalise enough to eat.  Not this time. Nothing worked. The pain was getting worse and the dinner was getting cold.  I rushed for the device,  kept it on default setting and applied the electrode to the hinge of the jaw on high stimulation power.   I felt – and saw in the mirror –that all sorts of things were going  on down that side of my face  and after  several seconds the pain began to subside.   I gave it  5 minutes  as by then the  jaw had loosened enough to eat my dinner, after which I applied  it for another 5 mins .   The slight ache remaining wore off  very quickly.  

Marvellous machine this.  When my friend from New Zealand visits next month  I’ll demonstrate it to her. James has already told her about it and piqued her interest.     I’ll say it yet again – every home should have one

Pearl, UK

I hurt my anckle playing hockey and after weeks of frustration with no change after physio and rest a friend applied a Diadens Device to the affected area and parts of the spine and within days there was inprovement and after 2 more short treatments I was back to full mobility.Impressed!

Carole Haywood, North Walsham

When my 7 year old contracted flu it hit him hard and did not respond to 2 different anti-biotics.I was given an older model Denas which I never used but in desperation applied it to various postions as shown on the Chakra charts on this site.Within hours I saw an improvement and I treated him twice a day for 15 minutes thereafter and 2 days later he was back at school and fully recovered.

Chantal De Charmois,Grimsby

"I have used the DiaDENS-PC, with the Applicator multiple times on my back, shoulders and legs. I get amazing results in loosening my tight and exhausted muscles.  I enjoy the relaxed feeling I get from using the device, and I sleep much more peacefully and deeply at night.  I use it for everything!"

Kellie Bingham, USA.

Purchased the DiaDENS-PC and the DENAS devices...

"I have had a problem with my allergies for years, and after a few minutes with the DENAS device I am able to breathe again, this thing works!" 

Bryan, age 31, Utah, USA

Using the DENAS device...

"I had an allergic reaction in my eye to something which made it swell up and turn red.  I closed my eye and applied the DENAS, and after about 15 minutes all the swelling and redness were gone and you couldn't even tell anything had happened." 

Emily, age 9, Utah, USA

Using the DENAS device...

"I use the "Zapper" when I get a bruise, or my muscles are stiff, and when I have a really bad owwie."  

Shannon, age 7, Utah

"I'vehad two nights without waking up screaming in pain, still can’t believe it."

 Tony H., Bankstown, NSW, Australia

Using our new product - ZooDENS  device for animals treatment.

I wanted to write you to say how thrilled I am with my Zoodens.  I have a 10 1/2 year old giant Doberman; her name is Jenna.  She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure over a year ago.  I work very hard at keeping her healthy, and part of my success with her condition, is keeping her active with a walk everyday and frequent out time.  Movement is essential when the heart is not pumping efficiently, as stagnation can allow for fluid build up in the lungs. 

Several weeks ago, I came home to find Jenna sitting, glued to the spot, panting, trembling with her head and neck slumped,  her eyes were casting up to make contact with me.  She would not move!  She was in tremendous pain.  I knew this was very bad situation.  I ran my hands and eyes over her to try

and figure out what the problem was, and I found a large bulge to the right of her spine above her shoulder.    

Immediately, I got my Zoodens and for the rest of that day I treated the area probably four separate times.  I had to move quickly, as her heart condition could rapidly worsen without regular movement.  I managed to get her to her bed and used ice packs and gave her some anti-inflammatory.  By the next morning she was 80% better, I continued with my Zoo0DENS machine and by the next day, she was walking with me on our daily route.   

Thank you for having such an amazing machine available for consumer use.  It was the Zoodens that saved my precious companions life!

Sincerely, Elizabeth Brauer, Wellington, Florida

Here is a story from Chicago: "There is a horse that has a backend problem called the wobbles. There are many reasons for this; one is a narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck area. This causes nerve compression and a weakness of the hind quarters. After the DENS-therapy the weakness is gone, the crossover of the back legs does not happen. This was after the second treatment. He will fast soon. I will keep you posted."

Patty, Florida, USA

A letter from a therapist in Florida: "I have decided to write you and tell you some of the things that I have been doing with the ZooDENS. First I have been using it on racehorses that have neurological problems that stem from parasites the most known as EPM. This parasite, it settles into the spinal column and moves into the brain. Ten years ago the horse with this problem had to be put to sleep.

Now it is treated with medication that kills the parasite. But the damage to the nerves still remains. I have found a way with great success to retrain the central nervous system to awaken the damaged nerves with the ZooDENS. I have also used it for horses coughing and helping them to breath better for throat problems in the races, some have paid very large prices. I also work on rescue horses. One by the name of Charlie stands out. He was to the

killers three times and was not selected for slaughter, his legs were twisted from not having his feet trimmed. He started to receive trimming in the bare foot style four months ago and scenery treatments from myself and the lady who owns the ranch (she purchased a ZooDENS from me in December). 

Charlie has been ridden for the first time this week. The ZooDENS has changed his life or now he has one. If you like I can send you before and after pictures? And Matt the horse with the paralyzed tail it is still moving after one treatment. I want you to know how wonderful this machine is. Oh yes, I am also treating a dog with heart failure that was given three months to live and it is now going on seven months. It's wonderful. P.F."

Patty, Florida, USA

"I have a horse that has a bad back. As a matter a fact she was falling down if overextended.  I was called in to work on her. After 3 treatments with

ZooDENS, when I left the stall she was bucking and kicking in a playing style. That is what they do when they feel good.  She is now training with no sign of the back problem."

Patty, Florida, USA

"I have had some wonderful reports from treatments so I would like to know if I can order more!  I know I was somewhat skeptical with all the claims that it touted, but after having used it on one of my critical clients, it made a very huge difference in just one application.  With that one person I was sold!!"

Dr. Heidi C., USA

"Well we have been using the machine now for a few weeks. Bob actually sprained knee ligaments on the boat and he used the machine for about a week and it helped a lot. It's fine now."

Lesley W., Adelaide, Australia

"Everyone in the house wants to use it now and Mardi's arm is getting better immediately. Fantastic device - even Mardi is not complaining of how much I spent… thank you so much… I have told all my friends so see if we can get you some more sales. Cheers"

Simon S., Lindfield, NSW, Australia

 "Hope you and your family are all well and happy. Was just wondering if you have any more of your creams available as I have nearly run out and cannot live without it."

Donna A. Werri Beach, NSW, Australia

"I have been very happy with the Denas, it is great to have it in our home."

Lanai C, Loganholme, QLD, Australia

"I bought the viDENS device because it’s an amazing deal. You get a more advanced DENAS device and DENAS Glasses thrown in. Now I didn’t have a particularly bad vision or anything but it was –1. I have a job that requires me to spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen and it can be very taxing. I used viDENS glasses to relieve tension in my eyes and in about 3 weeks I took my prescription glasses off. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend the viDENS to anyone who needs their vision to be corrected or just wants to keep their eyes in good shape!"

Linda Myers, Ft. Collins, CO, USA

"For years I’ve been having problems with my back.

Sometimes, the pain was unbearable. It affected every part of my life and to tell you the truth I was starting to become desperate. No doctors, a

cupunctures, chiropractors were able to help me. A friend of mine suggested I try DENAS.

He used to work in a medical office and saw some real results delivered by this tool. After much research I decided to buy a DENAS-Plus and that DENS-applicator which was extremely convenient to use on my back. In about one month my constant pain went away and I was just the happiest man. I still had some discomfort and occasional pain but with consistent therapy I eventually got rid of those too.

Later I bought the point probe for my DENAS, it’s an accessory to reach for really tight spots or if you need to work on a specific small area. I also purchased DENAS glasses and they really helped me with my vision. My eyesight was improved and my eyes don’t feel tired any more. I can confirm that DENAS really works and it’s been a lifesaver for me!

Jim Hughes, Portland, OR, USA

"My friend was wearing glasses all his life and he was mortified about that laser eye surgery. Although his vision was pretty bad at that time he refused to even consider the Lasik. After much research he stumbled upon the viDENS and bought himself one. Couple of month later no one could recognize him cos he was wearing light thin glasses instead of his usual bulky, half and inch thick goggles. He went from –6 to –1. I was blown away and asked him If I could borrow the tool. He gave it to me and about 3 weeks later, my –2 vision is a distant memory and I feel like I have a set of brand spanking new eyes! I was skeptical at first, I have to admit, but this device really does work."

Jessica Winchester, Columbus, OH, USA

"DiaDENS-PC is a very powerful diagnostic tool. I’ve decided to give it a try and bought one for my office. It’s very easy to use and it works great. It has a lot of neat features, which makes it very popular with the patients. Not only can it diagnose a problem, it can fix it too, using the same DENS technology as all the rest DENAS devices do. For a medical office and even a hospital DiaDENS-PC is a real find, helping doctors do a better job!"

Martin Hoffman, San Francisco, CA, USA

DENAS technology gave me my life back! After a lifetime of smoking cigarettes and working in nite clubs I endured years of asthma and shortness of breath that prevented me from having an active life where before I was quite sporty.Ten minutes every second day running the 2010 device over my back and chest has engineered a recovery I never dreamed was possible and after two months I am swimming, playing football with my grand kids and walking rather than taking the car.

Christoher Jones, Plymouth, UK

I suffered from insomnia for the last 5 years which resulted in my being grumpy with my family and work mates and mildly antagonistic to life generally.I bought a Diadens machine in desperation having tried everything possible from the NHS route, herbal remedies and even hypnosis.Well after just the first treatment of about 15 minutes rubbing it over my hands, feet and spine I had a completely restfull deep sleep.I was amazed and thought it was just co- incidental somehow, but ever since if I cant sleep I place the device below my hairline and within minutes i'm gone.......

James Colburn,Greenwich,London

Thank you so much Chris for encouraging me to buy a device!My elerly Dad fell and suffered from severe back ache as a result.After taking pain killers for a week which made him woozy I bought the device and applied it to the affected area.The level of pain reduced considerably after two sessions and within days he is pain free and back in the garden doing what he loves most.

Dave and Becky Stuart,Manchester




Testimonials from Medical Doctors using Scenar technology.


Dr Kathryn Remington  BSc(Hons) MB BS

Therapies for Life Health Centre

25 Daws Lane

Mill Hill

London NW7 4SD

Tel: 020 8201 0444

       07767 858 011


I qualified at the Royal Free Hospital, London and spent 15 years as a GP. Dissatisfied with the conventional approach to pain relief, I sought out more effective methods. When I first heard about Scenar therapy I was very sceptical as it seemed too good to be true. However after doing some research I was convinced of the fast and long lasting pain relief achieved using the Scenar device. I have  been using this highly effective method of treatment with great success since 2000.


Mr J.G. 72 years. 

A fall resulted in him fracturing the greater trochanter of his hip. He was in a lot of pain, walking with crutches unable to weight bear. He had been told by the orthopaedic specialist that it would take at least 8-10 weeks for full recovery. He had 7 Scenar treatments resulting in a rapid improvement in both pain and mobility. He was pain free and walking unaided after 5 weeks.


Mr L.V. 47 years

Low back pain for several months because of spondylolisthesis of the lower spine. No relief from a course of physiotherapy treatments. Walking bent over unable to straighten spine. After the first treatment he was able to straighten his back and walk upright again and the pain was considerably improved. Pain free after 6 treatments.


Mrs D.J. 40 years  

Chronic fungal infection with infected eczema of finger. Works as a manicurist. The day after the first treatment there was a marked reduction in pain, redness and swelling of the finger. Complete resolution of symptoms after 6 treatments.

She recently brought her 11 year old daughter to see me as she had been complaining of a painful foot when walking, and was about to go on a school activity trip for 1 week. When I examined her there was some redness and swelling on the sole of the foot. After one treatment the pain disappeared and she was able to participate fully in all the activities on the trip.


Mrs G.G. 62 years

Recurrent trigeminal neuralgia for 10 years. When I saw her she had been in severe pain for 3 months despite taking high doses of Gabapentin. After 2 treatments the pain had considerably improved and she was able to start reducing the medication. Following a course of 8 treatments she reported just the occasional twinge of pain. She recently came to see me again as she had acute low back pain. She was completely free of pain after 1 treatment. She was also delighted to tell me that since finishing the treatment 5 months ago, she had had no recurrence of the trigeminal neuralgia pain and was off all medication.


Drs.Heike und Ulrich Scherer,MD  Joint Practice

General Medicine / Natural Medicine

Am Iglhof 8

86444 Affing


Case history:

A 29-year old woman

The patient consulted for recurrent painful tension, especially in the cervical spine region, due to poor posture at work.

Even after the first SCENAR treatment she had improved mobility and marked pain relief. After two more treatment she was completely free of pain.

A notable feature during the course of treatment was the appearance of vegetative and mental symptoms of the type of the so-called healing crisis.

On the one hand this was expressed by a sore throat, runny nose, brief gastrointestinal symptoms and intense dreams in which traumatic stress situations could be worked through.

On the other hand, menstruation resumed after the very first treatment, having been very irregular with only one or two periods each years fur the last six years.


After a total of seven treatments the patient feels well and balanced, and has more self-confidence and energy. The mental trauma she suffered could be eliminated with SCENAR and the accompanying discussions.

Eighteen months after treatment the patient remains free of pain and is mentally stable and balanced. Her periods have been regular since the first treatment.


Dr. Hans Bründler, MD 

FMH Specialist in Internal Medicine

Energy Medicine Practice 

Hegibachstr. 102 / Klusplatz 

CH-8032 Zurich


SCENAR – A therapeutic system that has permanently changed my practice. 


A few years ago I learned about SCENAR in London while on a homoeopathy course and I have used it in my practice since early July 2003. Now the SCENAR treatments have already begun to take up about one-third of my practice work, and my colleagues work about 50% of the time with SCENAR. The following brief case reports will show what can be achieved with SCENAR therapy.


Examples of acute problems:

Case 1: H.B, 55 years old ("self-test") 


Problem: Deep cut of the ball of the right thumb caused by broken glass in the home during the evening, with a gaping diagonal gash about 6 cm long on the dorsal side of the thenar prominence. 


The wound was treated by my wife (a nurse) and the edges brought together with Steri-Strip. Then a first SCENAR treatment directly on the wound, repeated 2 hours later. On the following day: full workload without any restriction. A first SCENAR treatment in the morning and 3 short treatments during pauses in work throughout the day and then more intensive treatment at home in the evening. Short treatments were applied when time allowed on the following days (the accident happened 4 days before a study trip to Egypt, with enormous workload before starting the holiday) Result: uninflamed wound healing, pain-free at rest from the first day, with tolerable brief pain when moving the thumb extensively. Negligible interference with my work.

Final result: unrestricted thumb function, barely noticeable scar.


Case 2: H.W, 49 years old

Problem: Acute enterocolitis with watery diarrhoea, stomach cramps, high fever and headaches (during Egyptian trip).

SCENAR treatment: initial treatment of the abdomen due to considerable stomach cramps; after a short time the cramps eased but shortly after that a new, more intensive stabbing pain arose on the dorsal side above the right elbow (first time, acupuncture point 3E 11) so that the treatment was then targeted at this pain point, with complete disappearance of the stomach symptoms and headache. Finally, further treatment of the abdomen with specific therapy for the diarrhoea. 


Findings at the end of the treatment session: no pain, pleasant tiredness. Result: after this treatment session the patient slept for 4 hours. When he awoke and during the following hours and days he was fully fit and healthy again as if nothing had happened.


Examples of chronic problems:

Case 3: W.B, 74 years old

Problem: Chronic left ileo-sacral joint pain for months, not responding to treatment (physiotherapy and antirheumatics). 


SCENAR treatment: Permanent freedom from pain was obtained with just 3 treatment sessions. The definitive breakthrough was achieved by treating the sterno-clavicular joint (reciprocal relationship to the ileo-sacral joint).




Case 4: J.W, 67 years old


Problem: Migraine not responding to treatment (1 or 2 severe attacks per week in recent months but previously less frequently; only slight relief with analgesics and triptans, and also only brief improvements with biophysical feedback therapy). 

SCENAR treatment: the general zones of the back, neck/collar area and head were treated with a course of 9 treatment sessions. 

Result: marked improvement even after the first treatment session and no more headaches after the 5th treatment. Generally much improved well-being and immensely improved quality of life.



Both in acute medicine and in chronic problems previously unresponsive to treatment, it is possible to achieve therapeutic results that I could only have dreamed of previously. For me, SCENAR treatment is the discovery of recent years. It is the most valuable and effective new form of therapy that I have learned about during my professional development over 25 years or more.


Dr. med. Hans Bründler


Dr. Stary, 

Ewald Goeckestr.7b

13055 Berlin 

030/9819 5777 


Mrs. Christa K., 70 years old

Poliomyelitis since the age of 20, later with chronic lumbar spine syndrome and polyneuropathy.

Severe lumbar spine pain, club-foot, no feeling in the legs down to the toes, reliant on a wheelchair. After 8 Scenar treatments the feeling has returned to her toes after an absence of 6 years and she can walk short distances again; the back pain has been 80% eliminated.


Mrs. Stephanie B., 79 years old

Severe polyneuropathy radiating out from the lumbar spine, worsening over the last 12 years. Feeling of the ground swaying under her feet and marked pain on the legs when touched. After 7 Scenar treatments the ground again felt firm under her feet and she was no longer worried about falling, the pain on touching was greatly alleviated and her consumption of medicines was greatly reduced. 


Mr. Gerhard R., 85 years old

Shingle on the chest 4 years ago. Since then he has had severe chest pain every day, strong enough to make him cry out at night. All medicines have been tried. Uses Durocesic patches.

After just 3 Scenar treatments he could sleep through the night. After 6 treatment he was taking no medicines and did not even need the patches any more. Completely improved quality of life.


Mrs. Ruth St., 74 years old

Asthma patient since the age of 15 years. Since then fully pumped up with all possible sprays and medicines, especially prednisolone; has marked pulmonary emphysema, uses spray 6 times a day.

Breathing was much easier even after the first Scenar treatment. After 4 Scenar treatments she was using a spray only twice a day, and after 8 Scenar treatments used a spray only when needed (often governed by a change in the weather) and stopped all others.


Mrs. Birgit H., 43 years old

Trigeminal neuralgia for 10 years. After just the first Scenar treatment she was free of pain for 3 days. After five treatments she was completely pain-free and stopped all medicines. Patient overjoyed that at last something worked.


Mr. Jan M., 32 years old, scientist

Blind in one eye due to congenital glaucoma and highly fluctuating pressure increases in the seeing eye. The pressure stabilised, starting after 4 Scenar treatments.  Scenar is an additional therapy and is acknowledged as effective by the ophthalmologist.


Mr. Gerhard St. , 91 years old

Chronic lumbar spine syndrome and osteoarthritis in the shoulder, hip and knee joints. Pain reduced by 70-80% after 6 Scenar treatments. Since the patient has only 10% eyesight, he is overjoyed that he can once again walk almost without pain. No pain at night. Stopped taking analgesics. 


Mrs. Christa Z., 64 years old

Patient was operated on for ovarian cancer, with extensive removal of organs and lymph nodes. Now no longer operable. Tumour marker enzyme has increased and for 6 weeks she has had severe cramp-like stomach pain despite medication. After just 2 Scenar treatments the stomach pain was tolerable. After 4 treatments she was very largely pain-free. After 20 treatments, metastases were no longer detectable on MRI. Despite general mental stress, the patient is positive and wants to overcome the cancer.


Mrs. Anita K., 54 years old

Multiple sclerosis confirmed since 1996. Last flare-up in February 04. Patient almost confined to a wheelchair, severe pain in lumbar spine and legs. Phenomenal result after 9 Scenar treatments. The patient is free of pain and walks without sticks; has strength and feeling in the legs. Scenar is being continued. Neurologist highly astonished.


Dr. Stary, Berlin


Practice of Dr. Susanne Lukas

Schrannenplatz 9

86830 Schwabmünchen



Case 1:

Female patient. 16 year old

Diagnosis: Anorexia nervosa with secondary amenorrhoea

Due to her anorexia, the patient was successfully treated for a year with classical homoeopathy, leading to psycho-emotional stability and thus weight gain. However, per periods did not return at that time.

After two treatments with the Scenar device she had two successive periods at normal intervals. They then were absent for three months. We therefore repeated the same two Scenar treatments again. Since then (followed up for 18 months) the patient has had completely normal periods.


Case 2:

Female patient, 58 years old

Diagnosis: Menopausal symptoms after total hysterectomy

The patient came to me after I had successfully treated one of her friends for very troublesome hot flushes. In fact I was pleased to be able to help my patients with hormonal problems (whether dysmenorrhoea, hypermenorrhoea with suspected uterus myomatosus, PMS, polycystic ovaries and menopausal disorders) even more effectively now. The Scenar accelerates the regulatory processes in the body in an astonishing way.

Now, this patient had certainly had ovariectomy-hysterectomy some years previously, after which she received various hormonal products but which she tolerated poorly in general and which did not improve the increasingly troublesome hot flushes.

Both homoeopathy and Scenar therapy are regulating procedures. But what if the organ that exerts this function is missing? I was rather sceptical.

After the first Scenar treatment things went poorly. She managed to get home all right but vomited all day long, had diarrhoea, dizziness and severe headache. She returned for a second session only many weeks later. Only after that, when she noticed how good she felt since then, how much less troublesome were the diminishing hot flushes, how her energy had increased and how, as a secondary effect, her high blood pressure had stated to normalise, did she have another 3-4 Scenar treatments. For six months now she has no longer taken any hormones or any antihypertensive medicines.


Case 3:

Patient aged 45 years

Diagnosis: right epicondylitis

Pain in the right elbow for six months, probably due to overstrain while playing tennis and too much PC work with the mouse. Various analgesics and cortisone injections had helped only briefly.

Pain is certainly the major field of application of Scenar therapy. The more acute and recent the pain, the faster does it generally improve. Significantly more sessions are often required in the case of long-standing pain.

I worked on this man in 4-5 sessions on the elbows, the "general zones", the horizontals, etc. without much success. Even with the Scenar, only brief relief of symptoms seemed to be possible. In the next two sessions I worked exclusively at a distance from the pain area, i.e. on the left knee. After that the patient remained free of pain. The Scenar technology seems to see the body as a single whole regulatory system. It forces us to move our focus from the site of the problem to the body as a whole. The better we do that, the more effective is our work with the Scenar.


Wertingen Regional Hospital

Ebersberg 36 

86637 Wertingen

Tel.: 08272/ 998-304 


New forms of treatment in the Wertingen Hospital, Department of Surgery, Consultant Dr. W. Streifinger.

SCENAR therapy has been used routinely since June 2004 for the treatment of bone fractures in the Wertingen Hospital, an institution for basic and regular treatment with 60 surgical beds.

The aim is to utilise the anti-oedema properties and thus hasted joint mobility, wound healing, bone healing and even primary scar improvement, if necessary.

At first, the affected joints and distal calves of all patients with operated ankle fractures were treated from the day of drain removal in the "Diagnosis 0" therapy mode for 10-15 minutes, taking note of asymmetries and sticking points. The treatments were continued until these latter were balanced.

A very positive effect was found in the relation to the stated aims, with great acceptance by the patients and colleagues in the hospital. We immediately extended the indications to other fractures as well as after-care following prosthetic knee and hip joint replacement.

We did without anti-inflammatory treatment for these patients. Each patient received between four and six treatment sessions.

The senior consultant and  a registrar in the department are SCENAR therapists and a physiotherapist has also been trained and performs inpatient therapy.

Due to the increased demand, the hospital has purchased a second SCENAR device and a ward doctor and another physiotherapist are being trained.

The hospital management approves of this innovative form of therapy and supports further training, especially since it shortens the time patients remain in hospital

Hospital employees can have free SCENAR therapy for various indications.

In the immediate neighbourhood there are three GPs who offer extensive SCENAR therapy.

A SCENAR therapy week is planned in the hospital in which inpatients and outpatients will be treated. An experienced therapist from Russia will be our guest at this event in early 2005. This therapy week will be held like a workshop for hospital employees who are interested in SCENAR therapy. Other specialist departments will be invited to learn about the potential of SCENAR. On Saturday there will be a whole-day inter-regional meeting of users. The precise times will be published later.


The coordinator of SCENAR therapy in the Wertingen Hospital is

OA Dr. F. Brändle, Surgeon




Dr.Dipl. Ing. Gerd Raetzel, MD

Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Sports Medicine Practice

Stadtberger Str.21

86157 Augsburg

Tel.: 0821/523053 

Report of experience with SCENAR medicine

I have practiced conservative orthopaedics for 15 years and have experience with all modern instrumental and electromedical methods. 

For 20 months I have successfully used SCENAR medicine in my practice. This "Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation" has repeatedly proved its worth in many varied clinical applications. This noninvasive biofeedback-controlled electrical method is used in many varied ways for young athletes and in patients of all ages with orthopaedic, rheumatological, neurological and general medical conditions.

The treatment of a 46-year old professional musician was impressive. He had been freed of neck and shoulder pain by means of C6/7 vertebral disc surgery with ventral insertion of a titanium spacer, autologous bone transplantation and screwed plate, but suffered from persistent postoperative paravertebral pain at the T3/4 level. Even after follow-up therapy and outpatient rehabilitation plus intensive physiotherapy he was unable to hold his body in position long enough to practice his instrument sufficiently to play with his symphony orchestra. As a private patient he sought advice from renowned physicians in Heidelberg, Hannover, Munich and Augsburg. The pain persisted despite many and varied pain therapy procedures involving injections, additional electrotherapy, TENS devices, massage and physiotherapy. 

When SCENAR was used, there was a significant improvement in his findings after the 4th treatment. He was free of pain after the 5th treatment and was no longer restricted in his range of movement and physical performance. The threatened inability to work was thus averted and he was once again able to play in the symphony orchestra. 

A 79-year old female patient had complained since girlhood of daily migraine-like headaches. During the last 10 years she had to get up two or three times every night. The constant headaches and disturbance of her sleep had completely worn her down and she had given up all hope of a normal life. She then accessed the SCENAR IGEL service. There was no significant change in her condition during the first five sessions but at the 6th appointment she burst into tears and stated emotionally that for the first time she had slept through the night without headache, "which was a wonderful thing. This was the best night since I was young". With subsequent treatment in the next three days the patient continued to be without headaches and could sleep through each night. A few days later she was able to celebrate her 80th birthday very happily, and her 81st birthday a year later. She repeatedly reported that she remained completely free of pain and could sleep all night through. She said "It is like being born again". 

We treat all functional disorders and pain states, including joint contractures, painful movement restrictions, partial paralysis, scar problems and even pulmonary restrictions in asthmatics. The patients usually feel a positive response after each treatment and thus develop a positive attitude towards SCENAR therapy. 

We often combine the Enerbalance sheet with SCENAR treatments. A female patient with chronic upper back problems first came to us for treatment after moving here from Munich and was free of pain immediately after the first combined treatment with the Enerbalance sheet and the SCENAR device, and was able walk home about 3 kilometres away. She had arrived at my practice in very poor condition by car and needed support to get into the consulting room. I have investigated SCENAR therapy in great detail and, as an orthopaedic surgeon and engineer, I am happy to use SCENAR medicine in my practice and to teach it during seminars at the SCENAR academy. 



Dr. Dr. Brunnhuber

Würzburg University Hospital

Klinikstr. 3

97070 Würzburg

Tel: 0931/312713



From regular treatment of patients with SZENAR© 2004/2005:

A 52-year old factory worker had suffered a traffic accident with Le Fort's fracture and subsequent atypical post-traumatic right suborbital facial pain. Initially there was continuous pain rated at 7/10, then pain of a neuropathological and trigeminal type, rated up to 9/10. After weekly Scenar treatment (local / reciprocal zones) the pain was reduced to 3/10. It was possible to reduce the doses of the associated medication with amitryptiline and carbamazepine.

A 43-year old skilled worker with chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) following a minor injury to the right pain, with acute pain episodes up to 10/10 and continuous pain of 7/10. There was also marked sensorimotor impairment. Conventional medical treatment had only a moderate effect. With Scenar treatment 2-3 times weekly, the pain perception was "mobilised", initially with intensified tiredness. Although the acute pain episodes felt when stressing the hand at work continued at the same intensity, the pain at rest decreased to 2-3/10. Threatened dependency on the prescribed opioids was also averted.

A 35-year old housewife had suffered a traffic accident with post-traumatic sensorimotor 4/5 paresis of the right leg and depression. After about ten treatments she showed the first clinical improvement of her sensorimotor state. There was also an improvement of her mental findings in terms of mood, drive and vegetative state.

Scenar treatment is usually given 1-3 times weekly. There are no side effects. Treatment is usually given according to the "local and reciprocal zones" concept. Together with a nonspecific improvement of mental state, patients tolerate the treatment very well. In most cases the doses of standard medications can be reduced or further dose increases can be avoided.

Contact: Dr. med. Stefan Brunnhuber: www.stefan-brunnhuber.de 



Anton Huber

State Qualified Masseur

Private physiotherapy practice

Rubensstr. 5

70597 Stuttgart-Degerloch

Tel: 0711/7783672 

I have used SCENAR therapy in my physiotherapy practice for five months now. After initial scepticism, I have become a convinced user of SCENAR therapy. Because I have many acute orthopaedic patients, I currently work mainly with the acute method or in vectors.

Experience reports:

A 37-year old patient fell backwards from a height of about 3 metres into a stream with 20-30 cm depth of water. He suffered no fractures but had a very painful contusion on the left side of his back. After one SCENAR treatment the pain had gone completely. After a few months, the patient is still free of pain.

A 60-year old patient with left lateral epicondylitis. The pain was eliminated with one SCENAR treatment.

A 40-year old patient with rib fractures and lung injury: he still had breathing problems during sports eight months after the accident. Four SCENAR treatments with the fir-tree technique were sufficient to eliminate the breathing problem.

A 75-year old female patient came to my practice with a shoulder injury. She complained of severe pain on movement of the shoulder joint and said that she could not move her arm. She also had difficulty in finding a pain-free position for sleeping. I treated this patient by the SCENAR acute method with reciprocal treatment of the healthy shoulder. Five treatments were sufficient to free the patient of pain so that we could start physiotherapy.

During physiotherapy, an 80-year old female patient stated that she had suffered from very troublesome diarrhoea for two years, which was being treated with cortisone without success. We were talking about the SCENAR device and she asked if her diarrhoea problem could also be treated with it. I told her that we could try. During the remaining 15 minutes of the treatment session I treated her entire abdomen by the acute method. The next day we had a telephone conversation in which she told me that throughout the night she had suffered diarrhoea even more severe than previously. However, on the next day the diarrhoea had vanished and her stools were normal. This state has continued for four months now. At the patient's request I have continued to treat her twice a month with the SCENAR apparatus for intestinal care.



More then one and a half years have passed since I first studied SCENAR therapy and, thanks to 

successful results, it has considerably changed my life. Success is the best stimulant/or a man. 

Of course, sometimes there are unsuccessful cases. Absolute failure happened when treating a 

woman, aged 47, with oedema of the optic nerve. During the first course, some positive changes had 

appeared, however, due to circumstance, the second course was postponed for a long period of time and 

an improvement was not achieved (further treatment with acupuncture did not bring results either). 

A patient with polyps of the large intestine did not have success with the treatment. In this case, 

where the patient suffered with an ulcer of the stomach, inflammation of the pancreas, and ulcerative 

colitis, we had insufficient results. Other patients, even though results were not 100%, were satisfied with 

the treatment. 

Now we look at cases, which were successful. 

Female, 23 years. She could not close her eyes (lagophtalm). The patient tried everything with no 

success. She would blindfold herself at night. The action was applied on the eyeball, zones around the 

eyes, 6 points, the liver, the kidneys and reflective zones of the eyes. After the seventh session the 

improvement began. After 10 sessions she came to a complete recovery. 

A boy of 14 years had an allergy of mosquito bites and had eczema on the legs. Zones for the action 

were detected after an examinational talk. The boy had also suffered with a number of respiratory 

diseases. He had had pneumonia twice and he had been treated with a substantial amount of antibiotics. 

The boy was warned that in the course of treatment, skin manifestation would disappear, but signs of 

previous illnesses of the respiratory tract might reappear. The prediction happened. The patient went 

through pneumonia, but without the high temperature and complications, he just lost his appetite and 

experienced depression. It is interesting to note that the boy became quieter and preferred to be alone. 

After 4 sessions all symptoms disappeared, and eczema began to dry out. 

Male, 40 years. Suffering with an allergy of pollen, domestic dust mites, and animal fur, from the 

age of 6. As a rule, the disease starts from the upper respiratory tract and then goes deeper until 

pneumonia starts. Treatment is usually with antibiotics. The first successful treatment was conducted the 

previous year (by doctor Kalipanova), but the allergy was provoked when the patient was dismantling a 

wooden house. Locally, he was given drug therapy, and then SCENAR therapy was started. In the course 

of treatment, all the previous pneumonia that he had had, started to manifest one by one. The treatment 

process lasted for about 2 weeks, three times a day. The patient lost weight and experienced weakness. 

However, because the previous medicines did not work anyway, SCENAR treatment was continued. 

After the pneumonia he had asthma, or, to be more precise, constant asthmatic breathing. At that 

moment a doctor-homeopath was asked to participate in the treatment. He prescribed "Sulphurikum". 

Thanks to this medicine, the symptoms of asthma diminished, but allergy signs were increasing. As the 

symptoms of allergy were easily treated by SCENAR, this was not a problem. The treatment was 

extended for one more week. 

Presently, approximately once a week, the patient has an itchy throat, which can easily be stopped 

using SCENAR therapy. 

Male, 45 years. The patient was suffering with thrombosis of the brain vessels. He had been smoking 

for 25 years. For the previous three years, he had been suffering with severe headaches after strenuous 

work. Once, he shook his head, trying to