PRODUCTS Personal Organ & Systems Health Assessor (English Version)

 Personal Organ & Systems Health Assessor (English Version)
Personal Organ & Systems Health Assessor (English Version)

ROFES stimulates the biologically active point MC-7 on the inner side of the wrist of the left hand.Impulses are sent through all organs, the response captured.TWENTY ONE ASSESSMENTS of organs and systems can be conducted with a print-out within just a few minutes.The simple Brochure Manual guides one quickly and easily to making assessments like the pro's...with either 'a good to go', a tweek needed here or there, or advance warning to seek treatment. NOW reduced to £299 only until 20/9/17 SAVE!



PRICE: 299.00

Further Product Information

ROFES E01C Device checks the physical state of the human body.Itis compatable for PC's with operating system Windows and jointly with mobile communication devices running Android, 

- version 4.2 and higher,
- display size not less than 7 inches,
- and support to the technology of on the go external devices.

 Health Check with ROFES

ROFES provides the opportunity to test the functional condition of all our organs and body systems using this state of the art technology.
Regular checks of the vital state of our physical condition is invaluable.We can track the dynamics of thebody's processes, assess the indices of emotional and physical states and estimates the level of fatigue and its influences.

The ROFES is safe and easy to use. Just attach it to the wrist.

Page numbers and body areas tested as per Manual (Download from last entry on this page below the video)

Assessment of the general state of health 11 Assessment of the psychoemotional state 12 Assessment of the organs and systems 13 Analyses of the state of organs and systems 16 Immune system 16 Cardiovascular system 17 Regions of spine 18 Bronchi 19 Lungs 20 Liver 21 Stomach 22 Large intestine 23 Pancreatic gland 24 Thyroid gland 25 Adrenal gland 26 Kidneys 27 Men’s bladder and prostatic gland 28 Women’s bladder 29 Uterus and uterine tube 29. 

Assessed Indices

  • Testing of the general state of the body.
  • Analysis of results and conclusion – within 3 minutes.
  • Assessment of the psycho-emotional state.
  • Assessment of negative effects of lifestyle choices.
  • Assessment of negative effects of stress associations.
  • Identification of external factors that may impact negatively.
  • Identification of a condition before external symptoms are evident.
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of taking BAFSs, drugs and medicines.
Note - the Rofes Device does not print - the Flash Drive and Printer will.


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