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I discovered the LaMagneto PEMF device and can say it's the most cost effective and comprehensive in its class.The range of pre-programmed settings offer treatment for many ailments from Anti-inflammatory, Chronic pain, Muscular atrophy to Osteoporosis. And it works!

Add around 63 pre-programmed options plus a memory bank of free slots to program yourself.  In my opinion, nothing comes close to the LaMagento PEMF for it's capability, performance, and useful accessories and at this price. 

This Italian medical manufacturer has hit the nail on the head with this one. Competitors in this performance range are twice the price. 

Victor Kendal
Holistic & Functional Health Practitioner 
Therapies:- Cosmodic/Scenar, QuantumWave laser, PEMF, MM Wave, RIFE/Resonance, Energy Medicine, Genius insight, Quantum iLife, Reconnective healing, The Reconnection, Quantum Touch, Alkalizing & Detox program, BodyTalk, Bodytalk Access, Mindscape, EFT, Reiki, Energy & Meridian.......