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How it all Works

How it all Works

D.E.N.A.S is the acronym for Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulator

The main principle action of the devices is that they recover lost connections between the central nervous system and internal organs, launching a process of self recovery in the human body, acting in a natural way by supporting its regenerative capacity and therefore helps the body to release its own healing potential. Dens Therapy is an innovative new form of rehabilitation and prevention therapy, placing affordable ‘well being’ in our own hands. Denas, Diadens and Scenar devices are our personal doctor which alleviate acute and chronic pain, restores internal organ function, reduces disability and accelerates prolonged recoveries.

Natural medicine that uses the patient's inner resources of health

  1. DENAS and Scenar treatments are aimed at the recovery of disturbed functions and processes of self-regulation and self-recovery, which we inherit from birth.
  2. This is actually for everybody (irrespective of age, weight, sex etc.) especially those who are already sick or beginning to feel sick.
  3. Moreover there is no way to cure anything without body assistance. Medicine will ease our pain but won’t save you from the disease. DENS-therapy gives everybody the chance to feel better due to restoration and harmonization of the inherent body reserves.
  4. The human body has all the necessary  resources for being healthy and DENS-therapy helps turn on the self-recovery mechanism. As a result, there is harmony of self-regulation, and restoration of defence with the person getting better. Because of this there are very few contraindications and no age limit.

Bio-feedback excludes overdose and enables individual treatment of an organism

For each patient, the apparatus transmits batches of signals which have been scientifically selected as ideal for an individual. The current parameters in a signal form of pulse change depend on organism reaction at this moment according to the feedback - as skin impedance modifies in the interelectrode space. Therefore, the risk of the body becoming accustomed to the therapeutic signal is eliminated.

The bio-feedback feature enables speedy delivery of the therapeutic solution. Owing to that the bio-feedback device automatically fixes necessary treatment time and locates the effective zones for quick and efficient medical treatment.

The risk of infection is eliminated 

Denas and Scenar devices don’t require hypodermic penetration unlike injections and surgical cuts, therefore there is absolutely no risk of infection. Penetration of the pulse into the corneal layer of the skin is to a maximum depth of one millimeter.

All parts of the device are made of ecologically friendly materials. Advanced technologies of design and industrial equipment are applied in the manufacture and each device is individually tested.

DENS and Scenar therapy are compatible with other kinds of treatment

DENS-therapy is a modern science and can be applied in many areas of medicine both as a mono-therapy and part of complex treatment. The solution may be achieved without intervention from other methods of treatment, though any other therapies used will generally not conflict with those proved by this device. The use of the appliance can also be combined with non pharmacological methods of treatment such as: massage, homeopathy, therapeutic physical culture, etc.

Mental therapy is also more effective if you add DENS-therapy. Our organism fights illness and with the help of DENS-therapy will lead to quicker recovery.

Officially registered and clinically effective method of dens-therapy and devices

  1. Absolute safety and and the favorable effects of the DENAS-therapy is proved objectively by experimental research carried out in the laboratory of biophysics of the Institute of clinical and experimental medicine in Novosibirsk,Russia, at the head, L.P.Mikhailova, doctor of medical sciences (2001).
  2. The DENAS devices are certificated by the Russian Ministry of Health both for home application by non-specialists, and for clinical application by specialists with special medical training (Certificate of Registration of the Ministry of Health #29/23 020 701/2051/01 dated December 6, 2001). The apparatus also has the international certificate: European Certificate of Conformance under Supplement IV - Directives 93/42/EC on medical products dated May 2, 2003, Darmstadt. Certificate #RP031222-4.
  3. There are all the necessary licenses and certifications for all models of Denas and Diadens apparatus which have  entered the European market and having first obtained the recognition of German clinics in Munich and Berlin, Germany
  4. The International Scientific Research Department of the Ural Regional Center of Adaptive and Receptor Therapy is where qualified specialists and experts have been working with Denas technology, undertaking fundamental research in more than 150 medical institutions under the Ministry of Health.
  5. Research in the medical center of Denas Corporation has proven the high efficiency of DENS-therapy for a broad spectrum of diseases. The results are widely published in journals and periodicals.
  6. Now there is a drive to introduce DENS-therapy into institutes for doctors and other general medical staff.
  7. The Federal Service of control for the public health and social development has been granted -  "DENAS MS" Corporation with Registration certificate № FC-2005/004 for "Dynamic electric stimulation" method on the 4-th of March, 2005. Devices of "DENAS MS" Corporation are almost unique in the medical sphere of "home doctor" class, which are based on the method registered by the Russian Ministry of Health.
  8. So safe and effective is DENS-therapy that it is guaranteed not only by its designers but is also confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

Nervous system and principles of apparatus operation (For those without medical training)

The art of medicine appeared not as the fruit of theoretical reasoning but,   
on the contrary, people started thinking about theoretical   
reasoning when methods of treatment had been already found   
A. Celsus, III-II B.C.

A disease, in fact, is informational disorder at different levels of    
organization of physiologic systems, whereas maintaining life   
and health is, in fact, the controlled balance   
G.G.Gvidott, 1990

The nervous system ensures adaptation of the body to the external environment. Under  constantly changing conditions throughout our lives the nervous system regulates the activity of all tissues and organs, interconnects organs and parts of the body, and enables a dialogue, or feedback of the body's needs relative to the external environment (homeostatic and behavioral activity).

This subsystem unites the body into an integral system. All of its multiple functions are performed by 40-45 billion nerve cells - neurons. That is why the name of DENAS devices includes the "neuro" component, which means, for DENAS, "operating with and acting as part of the nervous system".

Neurons possess the following unique abilities:

  • become excited (active state) under the effect of physical or chemical stimuli;
  • accept, cipher and process information about the state of the external and internal environment of the body;
  • transfer information in the form of electric pulses (and by other means) to other nerve cells or organs (muscles, glands, vessels, etc.) by establishing the link between them;
  • store a copy of information in their memory: the ability of nerve cells to store information allows the frontal lobe of the human brain to store in memory everything which has taken place in one's entire life. The capacity of this memory is such that it could contain all genetic memory of one's ancestors.
Anatomical structure of a neuron

Nerve cells are of different forms and sizes (from 5 to 10 microns). Each neuron has short structures (dendrites) and long processes (axons). Dendrites receive information from other nerve cells. The number of short processes of each neuron may vary from 1 to 1,500. The axon serves to transfer the output of the processed information: in one case, from receptor structures of nerve cells of the skin, inner organs and tissues to the central nervous systems, and in other cases, from the central nervous systems to organs, tissues and skin. This explains why the long processes of nerve cells are called pathways. As a rule, one neuron is connected with a large number of other nerve cells, which ensures their interaction and the possibility of formation of complex structures, regulating various functions

A complex group of neurons  regulates any specific function form a nerve centre (for example, vasomotor centre, centre of speech, respiratory centre, etc.). The organization of the nerve centre is structured around a group of neurons, forming the nucleus centre. In a number of cases, due to the fact that the length of the processes may reach 1-1.5 m, neurons are united in a single functional group even though they may be distributed around different anatomic zones.

The major class of neurons, the nerve centers’ and nuclei are located in the brain and spinal cord. Hence the latter are distinguished as the central nervous system.

The brain is located in the cavity of the skull and is surrounded by three membranes which protect it against damage. The brain regulates hormones, immunity, cardiac activity, blood pressure, breathing, temperature, positioning of the body (balance, etc), motor activity, food and liquid requirements, reflex interaction of the body and environment, internal state of the body (homeostasis), mental activity, training and memory, emotions and speech, behavioral reactions, thinking, sleep and sleeplessness, consciousness and awareness, etc.

The spinal cord is located in the cavity of the spine, and is surrounded by three sheaths and strengthened by ligaments. It starts from the upper edge of the cranial vertebra and continues down to the 1-2 lumbar vertebra. With the help of nerve cell complexes, the spinal cord is connected with the brain. The connections between the spinal cord (and therefore the brain) and the skin, motor apparatus and inner organs are also effected with the help of processes of nerve cells. From the outlet points of the spinal cord and brain, these are interlaced, forming radices, nerve plexuses, nerve trunks and spinal nerves (Figs 2-4). The set of these nerve formations and their multiple branches forms the peripheral nervous system.

In a similar way, the application of DENS/DENAS-therapy apparatus on certain other biologic energy informational zones, with influence on the receptor system of the skin typically leads to elimination of other functional disorders of the body.