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For New Users

Scenar/Denas therapy is a form of electro-stimulation (quite different from TENS). A mild electrical signal is applied to the skin on areas of pain or dysfunction, or on zones connected thereto.

Nerve receptors send signals through the central nervous system, and the brain triggers the release of waves of neuropeptides. These are natural healing and regulatory compounds, in addition to endorphins, the body's painkiller.

Know these devices cannot harm one (not to be used with pacemakers or similar nor placed directly on the heart and held) and merely naturally accelerates the healing capacity of our bodies by the transfer of energy and revitalization and increase in cellular millivoltage – so don't worry about doing it wrong.

The device manual as a download for all our products can be found as the last entry on each device dedicated page in the ‘Products’ category.

Try this for simplicity

When turning the device on in Therapy mode at 77 Hz, place it say under the thumb on the underside of a hand, and then set the intensity so you feel a micro electrical tickle. Then apply it to the area/s that are sore, either holding it still, or moving it around in a stroking fashion.

Push through knowing that there is change and that the process is working. Usually the more chronic a condition, the longer one has to work at it.

Denas and Scenar treatment is non drug and non toxic, and be amazed at what can be achieved in a short period of time. (See Testimonials here

Modern medical science is pretty awe inspiring as technologies gallop forward.We stand by our GP's, doctor’s surgery, medical and alternative therapy specialists as necessary valuable institutions that we could not do without.

A mere few pence a day buys us control of our wellbeing... and LIFE.