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Scenar FAQ

Scenar FAQ

How does the Scenar find and treat - areas of asymmetry?

Since our health relies on the natural flow of electricity, energy and information within the body, it appears that stress, injury or disease disrupts these flows and creates ‘asymmetries’ or differences. An Asymmetry is an area in the body that has lost its natural ntergrating balance. Asymmetry is a sign of a blockage in the energy/information flow.

Signs of asymmetry include differences in skin colour, sensitivity, responsiveness, loss of function, and of course pain as an asymmetry is a difference that represents dysfunction.

Whether Acute, Chronic or Holistic the Scenar user has just one objective – ‘Find and treat the asymmetry’. By probing and measuring the body’s responses the Scenar device is showing where the asymmetry or difference in response is located.

The electrical properties of the skin and its underlying tissues have very different properties when inflamed or injured, compared to normal healthy tissue. Simultaneously these devices are also interactively and responsively stimulating these areas so as to prompt the body to recognize, prioritise and manage the return to normal. Under the influence of the device the asymmetry is induced to change, to enter into a ‘dynamic’ and this is the beginning of pain reduction and functional recovery.

Can I hurt myself?

It is possible, by turning the power on full and touching the end of your fingers on the Scenar electrode, to get enough power to make you jump - but immediately one uses it one understands this and one seldom uses full power! This product has undergone stringent testing for CE certification and Conformity and is absolutely safe.

Can I take Scenar abroad?

Yes the pass airport security and are not damaged.

Does one need any special training?

We provide a UK produced instruction DVD and manual, access to scores of videos and always available by e mail or telephone.

How Can I learn more ?

One can attend a level 1 and level 2 training course with access to the members area after your purchase,which provides techniques and information otherwise not generally available.

How long will the batteries last and what voltage?

A Duracell 9 V battery and used for one hour daily, you can expect to be still using the device three months later.

How many different pain relief pads are available?

There are currently 4 different types that we supply:
90mm by 40mm oblong pads
50mm square pads
40mm square pads
30mm round pads

All of these require leads that attach them to the device. Please see members area for video demonstrations.

How often do I need to use Scenar?

If an injury is recent the pain may disappear within seconds with no further treatment being necessary. Other injuries several sessions may be needed.

Often, after a Scenar session, one pain goes and is replaced by another elsewhere. This is not a bad thing and can be a sign that healing process has begun. Simply repeating the process on the new site of pain continues the healing.

Once you understand the basic functions and become comfortable with the settings you will be surprised how easy it is to use.

I’ve tried all the other remedies...

This science harnesses the power of your own body by awakening its natural inherent healing potential – that every organism processes. This is done by creating a temporary pathway between the brain and the point of pain and a initiating a process called ‘bio-feedback’. This stimulates the Central Nervous System into communicating with the area of pain, along that pathway, supplying the exact amount of powerful natural healing chemicals and compounds that are needed at that precise time in that precise location. Uniquely, it doesn’t end there. The process also ‘kick-starts’ the recovery process and continues to work long after the device has been switched off. Better sleep, more energy and general well-being are common side effects.

The Scenar device by its very nature of stimulating the Central Nervous System (proven by numerous studies in Russia) affects all body systems and thus helps to re-educate and promote health at a local and general level accelerating the healing process and creating wellbeing.

As well as pain relief you may experience side effects that including better sleep and higher energy levels. Many people have also reported that aches and pains elsewhere on the body have also reduced in intensity or have disappeared.

What is a ‘healing crisis’?

A healing crisis is a situation where the body tries to eliminate toxins faster than it can dispose of them. This may result in low energy and a sense of being unwell. This is a temporary reaction that typically can last from a few hours up to 3 days. Such reactions can start immediately after a treatment or take place days or weeks after treatment has started. It is a necessary reaction for some as the body regenerates and cleanses itself of unwanted stressors – toxins, emotions and trauma’s. It is also known as the Herxheimer Reaction or Detox reaction.

What is Herring’s Law?

The body will heal from the head down, from the inside out and in the reverse order of disease. This can happen in stages as the body starts to detoxify and heal with its increased energy, often releasing toxins that can sometimes cause skin rashes, feelings of slight nausea and short periods of pain as the body completes previously blocked healing cycles. If any of these occur it's a great time to treat again especially getting a friend or partner to perform the 3 pathways and 6 points technique shown on the DVD

There are Contra-indications where one should not use Scenar:

  • If you, or the person you are treating has a pacemaker or electrically controlled implant
  • Serious heart conditions
  • Arial fibrillation (rapid heartbeat)
  • Arrhythmia
  • Tumours
  • Pregnancy
  • Illegal Drug Dependants
  • Under the influence of alcohol.