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Scenar Overview

Scenar Pain Relief Overview

The Scenar is a small hand-held device, that uses the latest genuine Scenar technology to deliver a non-invasive, drug-free solution to pain from injuries, aches and stiffness.

The human body is perfectly designed and capable of producing all the necessary healing compounds it needs, if given a good environment, with pure water, clean air and wholesome nutritious food.

Think about a young healthy child playing a game. The child twists and falls slightly spraining their ankle. Having sat down for 30-60 minutes they are back up playing as though nothing really had happened in most cases. If that scenario happens when that same child is 50 the outcome is very different, perhaps spending weeks or months getting 'over' the injury.

The pressures of modern life and the cocktail of toxins that we eat, breathe, rub on our skin, bathe in and drink every day has caused big problems for many people, especially in the western world. Informational pathways vital to health are compromised, acute and chronic injuries and disease take longer for the body to heal, and pain and inflammation are often distressing symptoms.

Their are many natural therapies that provide help in these situations such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, polarity therapy, craniosacral, osteopathy, and many more. But imagine having a device no bigger than a small remote-control that is simple to use and revolutionary in the way it deals with pain and accelerated healing!

Scenar technology is the space age solution, originally developed for Cosmonauts, this powerful tool will deliver:

  • Immediate pain relief from acute and chronic conditions
  • A kick-start to the healing process
  • Shortened recovery times

This is all achieved by awakening the body’s own internal pharmacy of complex chemicals and which are delivered by opening up a clear pathway direct to the point of pain. In most cases using the Scenar for pain relief on one area will have a general positive affect on other, seemingly unconnected areas.

The inventor of Scenar technology wanted it to be used by the general public as well as the medical profession for acute and chronic problems, especially those associated with pain.

Previously, the majority of Scenar devices have been purchased by medical practitioners with a high degree of knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Those products have been supplied with complicated instruction manuals, written in medical jargon, and without regular and informative support.

Until now, Scenar technology was expensive and beyond the reach of most people. We have unlocked the door to this amazing technology by:

  • Supplying the product at cost effective price, with additional benefits, bonuses and support.
  • Offering a range of advanced training courses for those of you who want to become therapists or benefit from learning techniques from the world's leading practitioners.
  • Producing a user manual, Scenar DVD, quick-start guide and support material that are easy to understand, stripping out all the complex procedures that were associated with using a Scenar and concentrating on just three easy to learn techniques that will relieve pain and accelerate healing.
  • Providing a full support network and online information centre for all our customers.

If you are still using your pain relief product for chronic pain, then try the Scenar and feel the difference - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our 28 day money back guarantee.

"Scenar will completely change the face of medicine in the next 20 years". Dr Keith Scott Mumby