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Scenar Guarantee

Many Scenar devices are sold throughout Europe and the USA with complicated instruction manuals that describe complex protocols far beyond the scope of pain management and with little or no support. We provide this remarkable device with instructional DVD and user manual which contains clear instructions without unnecessary medical or technical jargon.

Beyond pain relief the Scenar becomes a lifestyle choice where simple techniques lead to many real health benefits.

Scenar sends out neural like impulses in a bio-feedback conversation with the central nervous system - stimulating the A, B and C nerve fibres in a continuously evolving reaction to changes in the skins conductivity, promoting dramatic releases of neuropeptides and healing compounds. This means it can be used often to treat more difficult conditions as many of our customers are happy to report - please see testimonials.

As for any other pain relief products on the market we are happy to make a simple statement ...... We will happily demonstrate the effectiveness of Scenar technology over any other product for pain relief.

Scenar FX with each purchase is supplied with a UK produced training/quick start DVD and a comprehensive instructional manual and a 28 day money back guarentee.

If you are not experiencing the results you expect please get in contact so we may assist you.

The products are supported by an 18 month guarantee and you are provided with a Members Area login where you have access to a volume of additional videos from users and therapists.

"Both in acute medicine and in chronic problems previously unresponsive to treatment, it is possible to achieve therapeutic results that I could only have dreamed of previously. For me, SCENAR treatment is the discovery of recent years. It is the most valuable and effective new form of therapy that I have learned about during my professional development over 25 years or more". 
Dr Hans Bründler, MD