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How does Double Helix Work?

To be healthy, we need to not only approach discomfort, illness or disease from the outside, but we need to peel back layers and look deep inside the body to locate and address the root causes. We need to understand the human body from the inside out. Illness is never simply one discrete process or dysfunction. It is a bundle — a patient’s whole life, from genetics to diet and how these influences are layered create the thing we call disease. Fortunately for us, the body knows how to fix itself if we remove the toxins and provide the body with the proper nutrition it needs.

A cell membrane’s job is to protect the cell from its surroundings. The cell membrane is selectively permeable and able to regulate what enters and exits the cell. Permeability depends mainly on the electrical charge and polarity of the membrane. This well known mechanism is held in common by virtually every type of biological cell. If the cell membrane’s voltage potential is too low, the cell will not function correctly due to the cells permeability being compromised - resulting in insufficient nutrients entering through the cell walls and not enough waste (toxins) properly exiting the cell. This results in a toxic and unhealthy cell.

Start at the Foundation The Cellular Level and Double Helix Water

Healthy cells versus unhealthy cells

When a cell is unhealthy, only limited nutrients are able to penetrate the cell and only partial waste (toxins) exit, leaving the cell lacking necessary nutrients and holding excess toxins. When a cell is healthy, all necessary nutrients penetrate into the cell and all waste (toxins) leave the cell, keeping the cell healthy and functioning properly.

Experiments done by independent clinics have suggested that Double Helix Water normalizes cell membrane voltage potential, which in turn promotes proper cell function. Proper cell function helps unhealthy cells to become healthy again and work at their optimal level. 

Healthy cells and proper nutrition image

Healthy cells and proper nutrition

It is all about nutrition when it comes to the body’s approximately 73 trillion cells that require clean air, water, and essential nutrients. Diet is our body’s only source for the raw materials it needs to perform its day-to-day functions. Each and every cell needs all six nutrient links to be healthy. Without this range of nutrients, the membranes in our cells are prone to decay, can become brittle, develop holes (become leaky), and cease to function properly. This is when Double Helix Water combined with proper nutrition becomes essential. Cells are the essential elements that make up all the tissues and organs in our body. Healthy and functioning cells are the foundation of recovery for any disease or ailment.

Heal from the inside out

Double Helix Water in conjunction with proper nutrition can help lay the groundwork for healthy cells and allow the body to fix itself naturally, maintain wellness, and restore vitality in our life – starting from the inside out, addressing the root of the injury, ailment or disease.

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