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Double Helix Water Research

Let’s take a look at some of the history of the research behind Double Helix Water.

Double Helix Water is the result of the discovery of the “stable water cluster”. Researchers at D&Y Laboratories, using the most advanced microscopes available at the time, discovered the existence of microscopic particles of water that were solid at room temperature. We are talking at a microscopic level here, invisible to the naked eye or even a normal microscope. An Atomic Force Microscope was needed in order to expose their existence.

Prior to this “everyone knew” water at room temperature (with a few exceptions) was supposed to be liquid and fluid. Common knowledge told us it was impossible for water to be solid unless it was frozen ice. But this is not what the pictures showed us. Though the existence of a stable water cluster had been previously theorized and predicted with mathematical models, we now had incontrovertible evidence of its existence.

The next step was obvious, take more pictures with the Atomic Force Microscope and see if we could find more “stable water clusters” so that we could study them in depth to better understand what we were looking at. More pictures were taken, and like all great discoveries, chance and luck were on our side, our next breakthrough came quite unexpectedly.

Double Helix Water – Bacteria

Whether it was pure luck, fate, or the diligence of our scientists, one of the series of pictures we were taking of stable water clusters, also captured an image of a bacteria that was in our sample water. While there is nothing special about bacteria, there was something very special about how the stable water clusters were behaving around the bacteria. They were crowding it.

This picture opened up more questions than it answered. But it did provide a definite line of research, does the stable water cluster have some potential in the health related fields? After all - the human body is mostly water.

Picture of bacteria surrounded by stable water clusters. The large oblong mass in the middle of the slide is the body of the bacteria and the small point-like structures are Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water, sticking to and surrounding the bacterial mass, preventing it from growing any further. The Stable Water Clusters in this slide have actually started to break down the bacteria, rupturing the protein sack surrounding the bacteria and causing the body of bacteria to spill out across the slide; similar to a cracked egg — ultimately killing the bacteria. It is amazing how this water has demonstrated such an antibacterial action.

Professor Benjamin Bonavida, PhD, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics at UCLA, was shown samples as well as the bacterium picture, this intrigued him greatly.

He decided to launch a series of double-blind studies on Double Helix Water. The results showed a very positive effect on the immune system. It became clear we had stumbled on a significant breakthrough in the field of health and potentially a new understanding of the workings of the immune system in the human body. A scientific paper containing the results of his fifty-seven experiments was published by the World Scientific Publishing Company in 1998. Dr. Bonavida’s study demonstrated that a stable water cluster was capable of triggering an immune response.

After we made our initial discoveries about stable water clusters, the subject sat on a shelf for a while. Nothing more was done for several years on this investigation of stable water clusters and how they relate to human immunology. Then, in 2006, a request came in from a family member of a business associate, who was familiar with one of the prior studies.

This family member was gravely ill, had not responded to conventional therapies, was in hospice, and was given only a few months to live. She began drinking a solution of the water and went into remission within four months. She was the first of what are now numerous people taking the Double Helix Water who have recovered after drinking it on a regular basis. We have seen recoveries — ranging from impressive improvement to a complete cessation of symptoms — from a diversity of health issues, including autism-related disorders and a variety of autoimmune conditions.

Based on the Bonavida study of 1998, scientists at D&Y Laboratories together with Dr. Norman Shealy, a neurosurgeon and medical researcher, ran a small clinical trial. Ten healthy subjects had baseline blood drawn to measure immune system response (TNF-A, IL-1B, IL-6, and IFN-Y, these designations are biological chemicals that affect parts of the human immune system). Each subject was then asked to drink water that contained stable water clusters, four times a day for 45 days. The results were impressive; the subjects who drank the water showed significant increases in Interferon-Y (interferons are proteins that trigger the protective defenses of the immune system) at the end of 45 days. The study remained unpublished because of the small numbers, but in his summary of the results, Dr. Shealy stated:

“The water may produce a significant enhancement of immune function in human beings. Larger studies should be done with perhaps a broader overview of immune function. Dysfunctions of the immune system are major factors in allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even atherosclerosis and diabetes. The implications for immune health are obvious.”

In 2009, a large study was conducted on the stable water cluster’s immediate effect on the human body, using infrared imagery to demonstrate.

Double Helix Water – Cells

  1. The study group consisted of 78 volunteers over the age of 45 and free of acute disease.
  2. An infrared image was taken of each volunteer, who then drank plain distilled water.
  3. Ten minutes later, another infrared image was taken. The same volunteers then drank water containing stable water clusters.
  4. Twenty minutes later, a third infrared image was taken.
  5. The temperature changes detected by these infrared pictures were then calculated.
  6. Statistically significant differences in the temperature responses were found in all 78 subjects.

Double Helix Water – Body temperature

The body surface temperature differences observed before and after drinking Double Helix Water indicate that these molecules induce a rapid physiological response in a human body. The next major research was released at the International Conference of Water and Health held at Cal-Tech in 2013 and was published in the Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics.

This conference consisted of some of the most notable scientists and research professors from universities and research centers around the world.1 Some of the paper that were published include: Stable Water Clusters-Mediated Molecular Alterations in Human Melanoma Cell Lines, B. Bonavida & S. Baritaki. Oncological Hyperthermia as an Adjuvant Treatment in Advanced Stages of Lung Cancer R. Hilu, F. Martinez-Peñalver, & J. Martinez-Canca Case Study of Autistic Subjects with Stable Water Clusters in 267 Panama R. Velasquez, H. Chu, & S.Y. Lo In summary, our research (plus a large amount of anecdotal data) has shown that these stable water clusters, with their strong electric polar fields, demonstrate impressive biological effects in people taking them daily.

We recently combined stable water clusters and naturally occurring oils to formulate a topical agent. Our preliminary results are encouraging. On applying the topical agent after vigorous exercise, people have experienced some reduction in muscle soreness. For sunburn, applying the topical agent (or even the water itself) directly on the burn, or taking the water orally, has reportedly greatly reduced pain. It seems to have quite an anti-inflammatory effect.

Some very preliminary evidence indicates that these particles have a positive effect on aging and skin healing. As seen by these examples, the variety of medical conditions improved by taking Double Helix Water would indicate a very fundamental effect on the immune system and healing process.

While we do say that Double Helix Water itself does not cure anything, we believe that it assists cells to regain their original functions. “Cures” result from the body’s own properly functioning immune system. Give the body proper nutrition, remove harmful substances from within it, and your body should get well.

Double Helix Water, a review of the original study

View the PDF of a recent review on the the original study on immune response to Double Helix Water initially performed in 1998.

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