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 Personal Organ & Systems Health Assessor (English Version)

ROFES stimulates the biologically active point MC-7 on the inner side of the wrist of the left hand. Impulses are sent through all body organs and systems and the response is captured by the device. TWENTY ONE ASSESSMENTS of these organs and systems can be produced with a print-out within just a few minutes.The simple Brochure Manual guides one effortlessly in making professional assessments assisting the Therapist to determine the best course of action based on fact - and the patient provided with an indication of degree of wellness (or not).

NOW reduced to £449 + VAT + Customs charge

Brexit and the tarrif employed by Rofes in the EU, means I / you cannot claim the VAT back as with all my other 'medical products' I sell here

Any Rofes product wordlwide will come in through our border and attract the costs as detailed above 

So one purchases the device here and the courier will inform our purchaser the costs that are payable on delivery