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PEMF & Arthrosis

PEMF & Arthrosis

PEMF therapy in the treatment of arthrosis

Joint pains are the first symptoms of arthrosis.

Pain reduces mobility, causing a loss of strength and a reduction in muscle mass.

Thus begins the classic “vicious circle” whereby the symptom (pain) limits mobility, muscle tone is lost and consequently the arthrotic symptoms worsen.This circle needs to be broken!

Owing to this reduction, muscles lose part of their ability to absorb impact and the joints end up suffering more through movement.

The progressive deterioration is inevitable. Over time, the most frequently damaged joints are those that need more shock absorption by the striated muscles: knees, hips and spinal column suffer in particular from the limitations and pain generated by this condition.

Treatment with PEMF therapy aims to reduce pain and delay the degenerative process.

Treatment with PEMF therapy lasts at least 45-60 days with applications of at least 2 hours a day (4 hours a day would be better divided into several applications, such as 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening).The intensity can be adjusted within a range between 30 Gauss and 70 Gauss.

Being a chronic condition, it is useful to repeat the treatment 2 or 3 times a year: in this way, in addition to keeping the pain under control, the degenerative process is delayed.

It is a good idea to combine PEMF therapy with physical exercise that promotes strengthening of the muscles close to the area damaged by arthrosis.Short daily exercise sessions accompanied by a progressive increase in intensity.

A worthwhile contribution to the improvement of muscle tone can come from electrostimulation, which allows you to improve muscle strength without overloading the joint. The use of electrotherapy, with currents that improve vascularity and decrease pain, favours the overall rehabilitation process.