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Neurodens Therapy Device (English Version)

Denas PCM generation 6 is now renamed NeuroDens and is our latest release designed for Professional, Clinical and Home use with the option of 5 language choices in display - including English! New features include additional Hz options, a section dedicated to infants as well as an expanded Express Mode offering 24 pre-set common ailment treatment options with on-screen graphics showing which zone to treat the body sucessfully for each condition.

This device is super user friendly and health goals are attainable. FREE unlimited support & training.

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 DENAS PCM 6 is programmed in Russian, English, German, French and Italian The language on the box and the operators manual are presented in Russian and English.

New Express Mode Electronic Instruction is for the application of programs in the “Express Therapy“ Mode. When you select a desired program in this mode, a colour picture appears on the screen showing which bodyzone to place the device. At the end of the session there will be a beeping sound with the possibility of an image of another zone appearing for suggested therapy application.

New Longer Streamlined Design. With focus on ergonomics, significant changes in the appearance and design of the device have been implemented. There are special recesses for the fingers on the rear panel, conveniently located buttons and a streamlined slightly elongated body shape. The DENAS-PCM 6 fits in the hand and is comfortable to use for lengthy procedures.

New Colourful Glass LCD Screen. The display sports a new colour LCD screen with polycarbonate glass, durable and transparen allowing one to choose from four highlight options  "Night", "Turquoise", "Bronze" and "Winter" for your visual comfort.

The advanced Children Program offers therapy for ages up to 1 year, from 1 to 3 years, 4 to 7 years and 8 to 12 years of age.The stimulation is automatically changed when you set the mode to "Express Therapy" for each age group.

24 Preset Automated Programs now offer colour screen graphics on showing where to place the device for each condition.The factory pre-established and saved the optimum Hz or modulations for each ailment and offers one confidence and certainty in its application. The list include: allergy, pain, bloating, neuro-circulatory dystonia, gynecology, hypertension, hypotonia, head, throat, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal issues, constipation, cough, sore muscles, colds, impotency, kidneys, back and joints relief, nausea, trauma, and asthma.

Screening mode is applied for zonal diagnostics. One finds pathological areas on the body by facing the device on body parts which activates numerical readings on the screen - take up the higher ones knowing high resistance and blockages are present and require release by application of the device in multiple Therapy Hz. Great for finding out exactly where the problem is for sport injurires, back and muscle pain (as pain is ofter referred).

Program MED (Minimal Effective Dose) is an automated program used for rehabilitation and prophylaxis in cases of physical and mental overexertion, chronic fatigue and diseases of the internal organs, including prophylaxis of colds during epidemics. It is recommended to apply as course treatment: 8-12 procedures, not less than once a day.

PCM-6 in handPCM-6 in boxPCM-6 with cover

Frequency Options

  • Therapy 1.0 – 9.9 Hz  allows one to manipulate all frequencies under 10 Hz and we provide a list and graphics of zones, to treat 100 specific health issues, including for example 7.8 Hz for earthing therapy and insomnia at 8.5 Hz.
  • Therapy 10 Hz  is Universal therapy for the correction of psycho-emotional states, pain relief, organ restoration and brain frequency.
  • Therapy 20 Hz  is a treatment frequency of biologically active points on the hands (Su Jok), feet and ears as endocrine pathology and  infertility. This frequency develops a lasting regulatory therapeutic effect and is observed to last for several hours. It is also used to prolong the therapeutic effects of other frequencies where internal organs are being treated.
  • Therapy 60Hz and 77Hz  are universal and widely applied and recommended for pain relief, improvement of local and regional blood flow, for the treatment of inflammatory conditions and during periods of rehabilitation.
  • NEW Therapy 125 Hz  is best for headaches, relaxation and has a mild sedative effect.
  • Therapy 140 Hz is a program for pain therapy, edema, inflammation, and the rehabilitation of spinal and joint disease.
  • Therapy 200 Hz is applied to relieve intense pain, in cases of lesions of the musculoskeletal system, pathologies of the peripheral nervous system, traumas and for emergency care.
  • Also effective in cases of acute inflammation, severe itching, insect bites and allergies and has a decongestant and relieving effect and can last from several minutes to an hour.To increase the therapeutic efficacy one may thereafter apply a lower or ultra low frequency (under 10 Hz).
  • Therapy 77 / 10 Hz  is a recharging combination of 77 Hz and 10 Hz which relaxes, reduces blood pressure, causes a sedated effect and good for insomnia. Also this is the best Hz option for the treatment of Animals (ask me for Zoodens manual  which I will send you -  shows how and where to treat your horse, dog, cat and all other living creatures)
  • NEW Therapy 77 / 20 Hz achieves an anti-stress effect providing benefit to states of anxiety fear and depression. In addition, this frequency modulation regulates vascular tone and anti-lymp drainage.
  • Therapy 77AM raises blood pressure and is a pick me up, if one wants to replace or reduce coffee intake as a good example. Another suggested use is for toning and cosmetic facial therapy.


Accessories available

  1. DENS-glasses
  2. DENS-applicator
  3. Therapeutic acupuncture probe
  4. Denas Reflexo
  5. Massage & Penetration Electrodes


  • Full ENGLISH Manual with colour graphics
  • An Alphabetical list of 180 ailments and diseases with a colour booklet and e file of graphics showing which zones we treat for each condition, for how long and at which Hz, giving one absolute certainty about the process and assurance positive outcomes.(We are the only Distributer worldwide that provides this additional level of support)
  • The essential protocols including how one prepares the body holistically and which zones will trigger release of our healing compounds and recovery -  the device manual alone does not provide the necessary support lists, graphics and protocols and without what we provide aditionally, healing success could well be limited
  • Free and unlimited 7 day/week support
  • A talk through after unboxing should you wish, to get you confident, treating conditions after 30 mins on the phone or media
  • TEN years experience as official Distributor of Denas and Scenar products in the UK
  • EIGHT years as a practising Denas and Scenar Therapist
  • Free Demonstrations are available from our therapy suite at RH194PH
  • Free 2 year UK Warranty

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