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DENAS Zonal Applicator Therapy Device Attachment (English Version)

DENAS Applicator is the latest special additional electrode attachment for DENAS devices and increases the body's treatable surface area without the need to hold the mother device while doing so.The space age material is pliable allowing wrapping of all joints, arms, legs and the getting to hard to reach places.

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The accessory consists of 3 electrodes, one square, one rectangular and one which can be folded into a cone shape for kness, shoulders, ankles and elbows.All can be adjusted with velcro straps in three sizes. It is designed to treat inaccessible areas of the back, hip, neck and shoulders and is also useful in treating larger segments as both the Applicator and Denas device are live simultaneously.

These electrodes fixed onto the body in this way provide comfort during a therapy session as the patient can be treated while travelling or working at a desk or computer or lying on the couch watching a movie.

Downloads available:

  1. DENAS Applicator Operating Instructions and technical passport (PDF Download 187kb)