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Scenar Home

Scenar Home by Ritmedic is designed as an affordable entry model, but is nevertheless lifechanging! The device has an optimal frequency of 90 Hz plus a Frequency Modulation 30Hz to 120 Hz, Amplitude Modulation 3:1 as well as a Dose mode.

Home model is non invasive technology and designed to reduce pain, treat most diseases, restore good organ function and general healing and wellbeing (see full list below)

OUR PRICE IS £100 LESS THAN THE RSP - the Scenar name on OUR device casing is in Russian not English (which is why)! Includes custom protective case.





We provide you with your own seriel and registration device number, tutorial videos, manuals in English, the protocols and a list of 180 ailments and diseases with corresponding graphics showing which body parts to treat, and which frequency to use. And unlimited customer support with a two year UK warranty on the device.

You may use Home for:

  • to treat home traumas - wounds, abrasion, scratches, soft tissue bruises, muscle strains, sprains, I and II degree burns and frostbite
  • to alleviate or eliminate aches and pains - headache, toothache, radiculitis pain, menstrual pain, as well as pains in oncological patients
  • to treat  intoxication, wounds from accidents (until qualified medical care is provided);
  • for normalization of sleep
  • for blood pressure normalization
  • to treat acute respiratory diseases and viral respiratory infections
  • for decongestion (edema removal)
  • to help out of a shock, faint, heart attack (until qualified medical care is provided)
  • for cosmetic treatment - face-lifting, wrinkle removal, skin aging prophylaxis

Under guidance you can use Home to treat:

  • nervous system
  • musculoskeletal system
  • respiratory system; - cardiovascular system
  • cardiovascular system
  • digestive apparatus
  • urogenital system
  • tooth diseases

as well as:

  • for prophylaxis of adverse reaction to drugs;
  • for prophylaxis of postvaccinal complications in children and adults;
  • to ease chemo and radiotherapy in cancer patients.