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Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water *NEW*

Double Helix Water is a scientific breakthrough by which ultra-pure water is converted into unique double-helix shaped Stable Water Clusters.

Research suggests that the Stable Water Clusters in Double Helix Water corrects the body's energy flows, stabilizing body temperature and allowing for greater oxygen delivery to the cells, while super boosting the immune system and optimising DNA performance.

Our bodies respond by wellness and a greater capacity to heal, empowered by renewed cellular effeciency.

Cellular level is the organism's building block -  supporting the essence of LIFE itself.

And backed by over a decade of science and the subject of major university studies worldwide.

Minimum Order 5 bottles (sufficient quantity to assure results - £49 is for ONE x 20 ml)



Why use Double Helix Water?

To be healthy, we need to not only approach discomfort, illness or disease from the outside, but we need to peel back layers and look deep inside the body to locate and address the root causes.

Illness is a patient’s whole life, from genetics to diet and how these influences are layered to create the thing we call disease. Fortunately for us, the body knows how to fix itself if we remove the toxins and provide the body with the proper nutrition it needs.

With Double Helix Water we have a kick-start to recovery whether its pain, inflammation, ailments or chronic disease.

How does one take Helix Water?

Double Helix Water is not intended to replace any water you drink on a regular basis. It comes in a highly concentrated form containing millions of nanometer-sized Stable Water Clusters that have a high polar charge. Double Helix Water is neutral, (pH=7) and is without ions (electrical resistance of 8.2MΩ-cm). Add 3 drops of Double Helix Water to a 8-oz glass of distilled, reverse osmosis water twice a day or more to enjoy maximum benefits, both for hot spots and overall prevention. Or apply the following protocols for emergency care, disease and chronic conditions as per the brochure below.

Essential reading: Double Helix Water (Brochure)

This extensive brochure tells you all you need to know about Double Helix Water.


What is Double Helix Water?

Used by thousands of doctors, integrative practitioners and individuals to support better health and well-being, Double Helix Water is a new discovery in the field of water, health and science. Researched by eminent scientists at D&Y Laboratories, Inc., it is the discovery of another phase/state of water in addition to liquid, ice and gas; the formation of naturally occurring stable water clusters – solid microscopic particles of water that do not depend on freezing to remain solid. Double Helix Water has to be one of the most natural products in existence - a concentrated form of water in it's most pure form.

Researchers at D&Y Laboratories, using the most advanced microscopes available at the time (an Atomic Force Microscope), discovered the existence of microscopic particles of water that were solid at room temperature. We are talking at a microscopic level here, invisible to the naked eye or even a normal microscope. Prior to this "everyone knew" water at room temperature (with a few exceptions) was supposed to be liquid and fluid. Common knowledge told us it was impossible for water to be solid unless it was frozen ice. But this is not what the pictures showed us. Though the existence of a stable water cluster had been previously theorized and predicted with mathematical models, we now had incontrovertible evidence of its existence.

According to G.A.R.M. (Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine) "Double Helix Water is a unique product that contains stable water clusters. Stable water clusters are very important factors to wellness and treatment of various disease states for two reasons; Stable water clusters carry more oxygen, allowing for greater oxygen delivery to the cells and demonstrate increased IgM levels - suggesting a boost in the immune system's viability and therefore, immunocompetence."

Double Helix Water is not treated in any way and is present in its purest natural state. It enhances and supports the essence of LIFE itself... and it tastes just like water.

Double Helix Water - How it worksDouble Helix Water - What is Double Helix Water


Fifteen years of research has been done by top professors at major universities around the world about Stable Water Clusters and its effects on the body. Stable Water Clusters are a fundamental discovery in particle physics and have been published in an authoritative peer reviewed physics journal and presented at international academic conferences. It has been found to stimulate the body’s immune response in a double blind study by Prof Benjamin Bonavida of UCLA, and also by Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D. and PhD. The results are summarized in the book Double Helix Water by David L. Gann.

Athritis treatment with Double Helix Water

The thermographs are from a female subject in her sixties. She had arthritis for more than ten years and had tried several different treatments without relief until using Double Helix Water. Infrared images of her hands (the area of her greatest discomfort) were taken before she drank the Double-Helix Water. This is shown on the left and then another set of pictures, as shown on the right, taken thirty-minutes after drinking, clearly, showing a dramatic change in temperature (energy balancing).

Double Helix Water - Research information

Has the 200-year-old mystery of homeopathy been solved?

Excerpt from

The Meridian System  
Dr. Shui Yin Lo's research on Double Helix Water indicates that that stable water clusters form the basis of the meridian system in the body, one of the key foundational principles of Chinese medicine that is effectively used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The intriguing aspect of these meridians is that they can be demonstrated to exist based on function, but have been impossible to actually uncover. The meridians allow the flow of energy in the body (also known as the Qi), an innate self healing force that connects various parts of the body. One of the theories of meridians is that they are composed of aligned stable water clusters, indistinguishable from all the water around it. These water clusters are believed to be the conduit for energy flow through these meridian channels.

In scenarios that involve inflammation and abnormal growths, such as is experienced in cancer, the meridians get negatively impacted quite easily. The role of stable water clusters in this scenario may be of great value.

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"My mom is 67 years old, a widow, three children and eleven grandchildren. Her health over the last few years has steadily worsened. Asthma, increasing diabetes levels, high blood pressure and severe arthritis. Before I gave her Double Helix Water my Mom was prescribed a variety of medicines for her conditions but because of our lack of money, we could not afford them. She was barely able to get out of bed and the family thought she would not survive to Christmas. After she began taking the water and within a week, her pain had lessened, she was walking and feeling better. She is now able to fully function, dance, walk distances and even swim with her grandchildren. She has come back to life from her deathbed. An absolute miracle. Thank you."   

"I feel more energized and less clumsy since I have been drinking the water. I attribute the times between treatments to the water. My quality of life is better than it has been in 8-9 years. Living with a chronic disease is something I never thought I would have to do. However, I decided in the beginning of all of this that I needed to take control of my disease. I followed all the medical advice and still do. However adding the water to my healthy eating and lifestyle has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I am so thankful and feel blessed by this gift of water."   

"I work out two times a day and since taking Double Helix Water for the past 12 weeks, I no longer experience muscle soreness or fatigue; just increased endurance, stamina, strength. My concentration and awareness have risen to a much higher level. Double Helix Water has been a great addition to my already healthy regime and I am very happy to have been introduced to this wonderful product."   

"I've struggled with fibromyalgia in the past as well as bouts of pneumonia. After taking Double Helix Water for just three weeks, my massage therapist that I have seen regularly for many years asked me what I had been doing differently, because the quality of my muscles was so much better! I am breathing much easier, have a new sense of vitality and feel fantastic."   
Dr. Teresa Quinlin

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What doctors and practitioners say about Double Helix Water

"Double Helix Water is a unique product that contains stable water clusters. Stable water clusters are very important factors to wellness and treatment of various disease states for several reasons; The top two are: 1) Stable water clusters carry more oxygen, allowing for greater oxygen delivery to the cells - remember that hypoxic environments are associated with the inflammation that underlies virtually every chronic disease state; 2) Additional science behind stable water clusters demonstrates increased IgM levels - suggesting a boost in the immune systemâ's viability and therefore, immunocompetence."   
G.A.R.M. (Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine)

"Double Helix Water is able to regulate most of the processes in the cell membrane; since using it we understand that oxygen is getting through better, the [cell] cleansing process is more appropriate, the electrical potential [of the cell] is balanced all the time. This is helping us get about 30 percent better results when treating our patients."   
Dr. Raymund Hilu M.D.

"I have patients that come in, in respiratory distress. We nebulize with Double Helix Water; within 15 to 20 minutes they are dramatically better."   
Dr. Erin Leigh Connealy M.D.


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  1. Double Helix Water does not endorse claims or have scientific proof that stable water clusters are effective in the cure, mitigation , treatment or prevention of disease.
  2. Stable Water Clusters heave not been evaluated by the US Food And Drug Administration.
  3. They are intended to diagnose, treat  cure or prevent any disease.


  1. Big Pharma Corporations and those licensed to care for our medical needs protect their interest and dominate the market.
  2. It is even illegal to claim Vitamin C has a beneficial effect or can act as a curative agent for any disease, condition or ailment.
  3. It is for this reason we make no such claims.


  1. Life is a costly experience.
  2. Double Helix Water could well be an investment... in Life.
  3. Paving the way forward physically, cutting through age, injury, trauma and pollutants ingested from our food and environment, which usually would have developed over many years.
  4. The Guide To Using DHW provides dosage options - all adhere to the protocol of continued use over a period of time, with 3 - 15 drops twice a day as an example , therefore buying a few bottles and then having life changing results might be a big ask -  expect positives nevertheless.
  5. That is not to say that drinking a bottle of DHW all at once (another protocol),one will not 'experience something ... good'!
  6. My personal experience and from others I know, is that the potential benefits of this product are phenomenal and unparalleled.
  7. The views and claims expressed in Other are those of Miracle Devices Ltd.