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Spinor AK Tom Device


Spinor Biofeedback is a revolutionary electronic Homeopathic device and the ultimate treatment tool, which anyone can effectively use. 

Spinor records the frequency (cause) of a disease or ailment and then treats it's symptom by resonating back (biofeedback) the exact frequency. 

In the presence of pathogens, the emitter records the pathogen’s own frequencies. It then sends back impulses of the same frequency and perceives it as its “own” and resonates with it. Thus, the frequency amplitude of the emission increases drastically and the pathogen perishes.

Millimeter wave therapy stimulates the vital forces of the body and suppresses the development of harmful microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. 

Our Customer Service are experts in this device application and their treatment protocols .

The device was once named CEM TECH - the brand name is now Spinor AK TOM. 



Spinor has the ability to record and re-emit data from any source which resonates frequencies, from body parts and organs - to vitamins and medications.

The device produces an electromagnetic spectrum identical to the spectrum of the affected area, then performs the role of an antibody.

When these electromagnetic frequencies resonate exactly as the pathogen or infectious agent for example, they are emitted back into the body at the point they were recorded, like a vaccination, and amazing therapeutic results are achieved.

Spinor has 2 modes. The first works directly on the body's area affected by illness and the second records the frequencies of microorganisms, vitamins, minerals, and vaccines. It also restructures water as well as substances responsible for food intolerances and addictions.

The device has 11 programs:

  1. General healing
  2. The homeopathic/recording mode
  3. Anti-Stress mode
  4. Mouth and Throat
  5. Heart and Vascular
  6. Respiratory organs
  7. Endocrine and Intestinal
  8. Neurological and Arms and Legs
  9. Sexual Organs
  10. Skin
  11. Immunity

Spinor AK TOM kit includes:

  • 1 Main device
  • 2 cables
  • 2 yellow modules/oscillators
  • 1 Red module/oscillator
  • 1 Blue module/oscillator
  • 1 Green module/oscillator
  • 1 carry case
  • 3 Straps (wrist/head/body)
  • 1 English manual paper + e file


  • reduces pain and inflammation
  • boosts immunity
  • heals ulcers, wounds, and erosion in a short time
  • menstrual cycle normalization
  • improves sexual function
  • improves results of blood tests, urinalysis etc.
  • provides sedative effect and improves sleep quality
  • increases movement amplitude in the spine and joints
  • enhances tissue regeneration
  • improves vascular tone and microcirculation
  • prevents hematopoietic system against damage after chemotherapy and radiation therapy


  • Millimeter waves may be used as a tool for monotherapy
  • Unlike drug therapy, EHF-therapy does not have any adverse effects and delayed reactions. It is compatible with other treatment methods (drug therapy, physiotherapy, surgical treatment)
  • Provides both local and general health benefits strengthening body defense to fight disease
  • Individually chosen course of treatment
  • A medical background is not required to practice EHF-therapy


  • improves lipid metabolism (lowers the level of atherogenic blood lipid fractions and increases the level of high-density lipoproteins);
  • regulates the balance of coagulation and anti-coagulant factors (regulates the level of antithrombin III, fibrinolytic activity and thrombocytic hemostasis);
  • regulates pro-oxidant/antioxidant ratio;
  • enhances cell regeneration (fibroblast proliferation enhancement);
  • enhances blood formation in the red bone marrow;
  • normalizes rheological blood properties (reduced viscosity, increased red blood cells deformation);
  • improves functions of the immune system: regulates the number of T- and B-cells and immunoglobulins A, G and M; improves functional activity of neutrophils, restores functional activity of B-cells and phagocytic activity of leukocytes;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect which is partly based on stimulating functional activity of phagocytes;
  • regulates secretion of catecholamines and sex hormones;
  • affects the endogenous opioid system;
  • improves brain electric activity (alpha-rhythm stabilization, damaged inter-zonal and inter-hemispheric relationships restoration as well as the main EEG rhythms);
  • improves vegetative regulation, regulates the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems in the autonomic nervous system;
  • has an anti-stress effect – inhibits hyperactivity of sympathoadrenal system and activates stress-limiting systems;
  • inhibits the growth of influenza virus in the cells and has a virucidal effect;
  • restores the ability of mononuclear phagocytes to secrete interferon gamma that may reduce the risk of cancer development in patients in the group of risk;
  • cytoprotective activity of the red bone marrow and liver in patients undergoing chemotherapy;
  • changes structural and dynamic characteristics of cell membranes;
  • inhibits skin, liver, and central nervous system aging processes;
  • improves vascular tone and activates microcirculation (better reactivity of vascular endothelium, better results of rheogram and rheoencephalogram);
  • increases non-specific resistance of the body to various adverse factors.


EHF-therapy or millimeter wave therapy is an efficacious method for managing and preventing disease. It has been successfully developed for professionals or in home treatment and can be used in conjunction with other treatment methods.

EHF-therapy (Extremely High-Frequency) is therapeutic intervention using extremely high-frequency (30-300 GHz) millimeter-wave (1-10 mm) electromagnetic radiation of low intensity (less than 10 µW/cm2).

Cell membranes in the human body have their own frequency from 38 to 78 GHz (EHF range). This wavelength band bonds all our cells together and helps to maintain human health.


  • mode No. 1. General EHF-mode
  • mode No. 2. FRI (resonance radiation) mode (bioresonance impact)
  • mode No. 3. Stress-related conditions: neurotic disorders, high or low blood pressure, vegetative-vascular dystonia etc.
  • mode No. 4. ENT diseases — tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis etc.
  • mode No. 5. Cardiovascular system diseases — angina pectoris, ischemic heart disease, hypertension and hypotension, blood vessel diseases etc.
  • mode No. 6. Pulmonary diseases — tracheitis, bronchitis, astma etc.
  • mode No. 7. Endocrine diseases — diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders; gastrointestinal disorders— pancreas gland, liver, and bladder, stomach and duodenum, intestinal disorders etc.
  • mode No. 8. Bone diseases — osteochondritis, arthrosis, arthritis, injury-related diseases etc.
  • mode No. 9. Diseases of the genitourinary system — kidneys, bladder, prostate gland, uterus, ovaries.
  • mode No. 10. Skin diseases — allergic dermatosis etc.
  • mode No. 11. used with biologically active points (BAPs).

Russian Federation Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare approved more than 77 diseases that may be managed with Spinor.

The device has two key methods of impact on the body – EHF-mode and FRI-mode. You may also apply IR-therapy.


This is extremely high-frequency impact with red, blue or green emitter for individual body systems and a yellow emitter (general mode).

  1. 1. Connect the wire and the emitter.
  2. 2. Alilily the emitter to the liroblem area.
  3. 3. Fix the emitter with sticking lilaster or use a sliecial strali.
  4. 4. Switch on the device, select the mode.
  5. 5. Enjoy the theralieutic effect of SliINOR (you may use two emitters simultaneously).
  6. 6. When EHF-session is comlilete, you may leave the emitter for further FRI-therapy.

Simply, another easy way to use the device is to apply to the area that hurts.

EHF-therapy has a light sedative effect for those hypersensitive so one may feel sleepy. It is recommended to avoid doing jobs requiring concentration including driving immediately after the session.


This is the impact of electromagnetic information from our body or from a medical drug, for example. Therefore FRI has no contraindications and it may be used for treating babies.

FRI is mode No. 2 and it is used in the following cases:

a) Local impact – record data about injury, burns, skin rash, fungus etc. in the mode No. 2. Disconnect the emitter and apply it to the area from which the data was recorded. In case the problem is with the organs, then it is necessary to palpate the area to identify the source of pain.

b) Record the data from any body fluids (it is for this reason that we have our samples taken – results of tests help to make a diagnosis) or any external manifestations of diseases such as skin rash, edema, tender points etc. Then we apply the emitter with the recorded data to the carotid artery or wrist veins. The blood will carry the information all over the body.

c) Use properties of water to retain memory. As in the above mentioned cases, we record the data and carry it to water.

The efficacy of treatment is even greater when you use all the options of FRI-mode. For example, if a patient has toenail fungus, it is recommended to record information from the fungus and carry it to water or to wear the emitter on the wrist during daytime and on the leg at night (for convenience reasons).

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